Dear Yogis
“Gokötta” in Swedish means “to get up early in the morning in order to listen to the birds sing.”

There is something uniquely inspiring about the Birds Dawn Chorus, about being up when the day is unfolding and listening to their joyful, optimistic tunes setting the scene for the day. 
Stepping outside, and breathing deeply into life-affirming hope and gratitude simultaneously, welcoming the new day. 

What inspires you to get up early? 
What would you be happy to get up early for in your life right now? 
Can you imagine an early start positively influencing your whole day?
Would you be willing to set and commit to an intention for 21 days? 

A commitment to meet the bird chorus, and your life afresh each morning. 
Ready to forgive what needs forgiving, let go what needs to be released, and simply get on your yoga mat, and see what unfolds by committing to yourself.

Come and join me for this simple and effective transformation tool.

How does this work
Register for the 21 Day Challenge below
On registration you will receive an information pack to help you get the most out of your experience
Nearer to the start date, you will receive a link to access the live lessons
Each morning, you simply click on the link, and join me! You will see and hear me, like a live chat, and you can switch your video off so it is only me on our shared screen.
If you miss one or some mornings, they will be recorded and you can review them later in your day or in the evening.
The recordings will be available for one month after the challenge, if you wish to review certain lessons or continue for longer.

For more details, please visit the yoga page: 

I very much look forward to sharing this with as many of you as possible. 
Why do this? Why not?!


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