Dear Yogis
Come and join Marion and I for 3 amazing adventures in the Land of the Magical Apple Tree.

With the children we will combine yoga and circus activities to:
- Retrieve the precious gem stones from Castle Thousand Treasures (Schloss Tausendschatz)
- Travel to the Land of Boskop to free Alfred the Wizard
- Go on an adventure to rescue Ziggy and the Magical Apple Tree
- And finally rescue the Village Tausendschatz from a dragon

Saturday: 11 May, 15 June, 9 November (can be booked separately) 
Time: 10:30am - 12:00pm (with a picnic afterwards)
Where: IBIS School, Tulpenbaumweg 42, 53177, Bonn (Heiderhof)
Cost: 15€/child/adeventure (parents can pay a donation if they participate)

Recommended ages: 4 - 10 years (if your child is older or younger, simply ask us)

Please bring some finger food for the picnic which we will share together.
Drinks will be provided.

To sign-up & more information please contact:
Fiona Hayhoe-Weiland/ / T: 0151 64514415
Marion Ladich / / T: 0228 21376706


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