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An InSpire(d) Yoga Practice for Life-Work Balance

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On reflection of my integral path of yoga for the past 25 years, I humbly came to realise that the most common thread of challenges I have witnessed while working with myself and others has clearly indicated peoples struggle to find a healthy life-work balance that’s integrative, personally and professionally.

Why is this?

Melting together our individual uniqueness with others, personally and professionally, can be a challenge.
We find temporary solutions to problems, circumstances change, we adapt, there is change again, we adapt, and so this cycle goes on.
Constantly adapting without real effective change is frustrating, disappointing and debilitating when we don’t have a heartfelt support structure in place.

Is your life-work balance, off-balance?
Are you experiencing tension, pain, injury, illness, or irregular sleep patterns?
Feeling frustrated, irritable, restless?
Real joy is lacking in your life?
You are craving change but you don’t know how to implement it?

Whether you are prompted by a crisis or curiosity, are you ready to invest in creating a sustainable life-work balance?
Envision yourself having a daily yoga practice that is much more than just a yoga practice. It includes:

a movement practice which you personally learn to build on to, and adapt to, your circumstances.
simple skills to quieten your mind, consciously choosing freedom and independence.
a healthy daily routine and rhythm, moulded together with me personally.
This concise, clear InSpire(d) Yoga Program is a compilation of my experiences to date, and is a “fast track” to help you personally move from existing in life, to living fully and knowing you hold the key to finding an inspiring life-work balance.
Most importantly, you will have the necessary tools to adjust to change in a calm, clear way, supporting yourself, your family, and your life-work balance.

If this rings true to you and your life right now, you are invited to schedule a free call with me.
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