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Dear Friends, Fellow Yogis, and those on the path of living fully….

After lengthy resistance to joining facebook, I realised that this social media platform connects us. Not only to present friends, but also reconnecting us to friends and acquaintances from the past. This has been a very rich fun experience for me.

Living in the present moment is important, however, feeling the wonderful connection to old friends, is also important. This is part of living fully!

I have now set-up a Facebook business page, InSpire(d) Yoga,
as well as a Private Yoga group, Fiona’s InSpire(d) Yoga Group.

Fiona’s InSpire(d) Yoga Group is open by invitation only.
It is a closed space where those committed to the practice of yoga as a life tool, can share, exchange, unfold and learn. This is a space to exchange and share resources and strengthen a collective identity. It does not matter what style of yoga you practice - this exchange is beyond a specific method. It is an exploration of each unfolding moment, as experiences and ideas unfold through us and gradually become our new reality as we grow and evolve.

Naturally, I will also be sharing my latest teaching inspiration(s), workshops and more…

If you are interested to join my group, please click on the image/link below.
I very much look forward to welcoming you to share, read, exchange, and enjoy this exchange platform with me.

Facebook Group
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