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Webinar: One Health, COVID-19 and veterinary vaccination

The first IVVN Webinar, given by Dr Michael Francis, will be taking place on Wednesday – and now is your last chance to register if you haven't already. More details and registration here.


This webinar will explore the link between the ‘One Health’ agenda, veterinary vaccination and COVID-19 control. It will review the relevant observations from five existing animal health coronavirus vaccines and discuss how these may provide useful data for the development of a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 infection. The use of novel vaccine ‘platform’ technologies within veterinary medicine will be reviewed and examples of how a One Health approach can be applied to vaccination will be presented. Finally, a brief update will be provided on the current status of COVID-19 vaccine development and a summary of the lessons to be aware of from the work on existing veterinary coronavirus vaccines will be discussed.


When: Wednesday 30 September, 13.00−13.45 BST
Where: Online
Registration: Free

IVVN African Schools Outreach Programme shortlisted for Nature award

The IVVN African Schools Outreach Programme has been shortlisted for a 2020 Nature Research Award for Inspiring & Innovating Science, in the Scientific Outreach category. The programme is a collaboration involving partners in the UK and Africa, and aims to equip a network of African scientists with the knowledge and tools to host outreach workshops in their local schools, with the ultimate goal of inspiring young girls to be the next generation of scientists. Read more about the programme and the award here.

Timeline of the Outreach Programme’s work

You can find a full timeline of the African Schools Outreach Programme since its launch in 2019 in our 2020 Annual Report. The full report, along with a video summarising what we've been up to over the past 12 months, is available here.


African Vaccinology Network (AfVANET): an African network by African scientists

Lazarus DD, Afolayan FID, Mamo G, Dinga JN, Akinbobola J, Duedu KO, Tshifhiwa N, Kassa T, Nene1 V, Dieye11 Y, Oumouna M
Pan-African Medical Journal, 16 September 2020

Nine zoonotic diseases that changed the world

The Guardian, 15 September 2020
Tom Levitt examines the major zoonotic outbreaks of the past two centuries.


6th World One Health Congress – virtual edition

30 October to 3 November 2020

The organisers of the World One Health Congress have decided to move this year's congress to an online event.

British Society for Immunology virtual conference

1 to 2 December 2020

‘Connecting immunology in the time of COVID-19’ is the BSI’s first two-day virtual scientific conference offering.

Job vacancies closing soon

Postdoctoral Researcher (bovine RSV),
The Pirbright Institute, UK

Closing date: 20 October 2020
Salary: £32,684 up to £35,104

Postdoctoral Scientist (peste des petits ruminants),
The Pirbright Institute, UK

Closing date: 21 October 2020
Salary: £32,684 to £35,104

Click here to view all job opportunities


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