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Paving the way for women leaders in science, technology and innovation: an IVVN-AWARD panel webinar

Building on this year’s International Women's Day theme of women in leadership, the IVVN, together with African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD), will be hosting a webinar on women in science and leadership on Wednesday 31 March 2021.

Dr Michèle Mbo’o-Tchouawou, Deputy Director of AWARD, will chair the event, and panel members will include:

  • Dr Cathrine Ziyomo, Senior Scientist and Director, BecA-ILRI Hub.
  • Dr Edidah Ampaire, Senior Programme Officer, International Development Research Centre (IDRC).
  • Jayne Quoiani, Education & Engagement Officer, Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh.
  • Dr Esther Kanduma, Lecturer, University of Nairobi and AWARD Fellow.
  • Dr Barberine Silatsa Assongo, Research Fellow, University of Dschang, and an Africa Biosciences Challenge Fund Fellow.

For more information about the event and to register, please visit the event page on our website.

April's IVVN virtual symposium: Vaccines for Ruminants

The third of our online symposia will be taking place on Monday 26 April 2021, this time covering Vaccines for Ruminants. The symposium will be chaired by IVVN co-director Professor Bryan Charleston (The Pirbright Institute, UK) and Professor Yanmin Lee (The Southwest Minzu University, China), and will consist of presentations from invited speakers and IVVN pump-priming grant awardees, along with a poster session. To present a poster, please submit an abstract by Thursday 8 April 2021Registration and abstract submission here.

Symposium sponsors

Symposium details

When: Monday 26 April, 9am-12.30pm GMT
Where: Online
Abstract submission deadline: Thursday 8 April 2021
Registration: Free for all IVVN members

Mentoring fellowships for women in low-and-middle income countries awarded

We are delighted to announce that six women postdoctoral researchers based in Brazil, Egypt, India, Kenya and South Africa have been awarded IVVN Fellowships. The fellowship projects, jointly funded by the IVVN and Canada's International Development Research Centre, will focus on a variety of pathogens including coronaviruses, tilapia lake virus, Newcastle disease virus, Salmonella enterica, Streptococcus agalactiae, Staphylococcus aureus and Theileria annulata.

Click here to learn more about the Fellows and their project, and to watch our International Women's Day 2021 video.

Bridging the career-advancement opportunity gap for women researchers in LMICs

International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Livestock Vaccine Innovation Fund
8 March 2021
To accompany the announcement of the successful projects, our funding partners at the IDRC Livestock Vaccine Innovation Fund have contributed a blog post discussing the issues the IVVN Fellowship Programme addesses. Click here to read the blog post.

Watch the recording of our virtual symposium on Vaccines for Poultry

Last month, we held our second virtual symposium, this time covering Vaccines for Poultry and co-hosted by the GCRF One Health Poultry Hub. If you missed the symposium, all the talks are available to watch here.


The search for animals harbouring coronavirus – and why it matters

Smriti Mallapaty, Nature, 2 March 2021 Scientists are monitoring pets, livestock and wildlife to work out where SARS-CoV-2 could hide, and whether it could resurge.

A year of Covid-19 offers lessons for managing the human-animal-environment relationship

Maria Flachsbarth, European Scientist, 23 February 2021
If anyone had surveyed the general public about “zoonoses” a year ago, the response may have been speculative guesses about animal attractions – or just confusion. Read more.


BactiVac Online Conference 2021
Bacterial vaccines in a time of pandemic

27−28 April 2021

Talks will be delivered by a host of internationally renowned speakers from a range of disciplines, all actively involved in the research area of bacterial vaccinology.

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7th European Veterinary Immunology Workshop

29−31 August 2021

The 7th European Veterinary Immunology Workshop will be hosted virtually later this year.

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13th International Veterinary Immunology Symposium

8−12 August 2022

The 13th International Veterinary Immunology Symposium (IVIS) will be held in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, in 2022.

Funding opportunities

International Development Research Centre
Call for concept notes: Collaborative One Health Research Initiative on Epidemics

Closing date: 5 April 2021

This Call for Concept Notes aims to support One Health research to identify, implement, and assess potential innovations in policies, programs, or practices that can prevent, control, and mitigate the risks of emerging epidemic threats.

UK Research and Innovation
BBSRC Discovery Fellowship 2021

Closing date: 6 May 2021

Apply for a fellowship to support your first steps into independent research and gain leadership skills.

BactiVac network catalyst funding
Fifth round of pump-priming awards

Closing date: 16 May 2021

Funding is available to support BactiVac members in bacterial vaccinology to explore new approaches and strategies to advance their vaccines in partnership with LMICs and industry, and acquire the data to support substantive funding applications.

Job vacancies

PhD Studentship at the Pirbright Institute, UK
Understanding the importance of the PI3K pathway in modulating influenza virus replication in chickens and ducks

Closing date: 21 March 2021

Supervisors: Dr Holly Shelton (The Pirbright Institute), Dr Stephen Dunham (University of Nottingham), Prof Munir Iqbal (The Pirbright Institute) and Dr Janet Daly (University of Nottingham)

PhD Studentship at the Pirbright Institute, UK
B cell responses in protection against African swine fever virus

Closing date: 29 March 2021

Supervisors: Dr Chris Netherton (The Pirbright Institute), Professor Nicolas Locker (University of Surrey) and Professor Simon Graham (The Pirbright Institute)

Veterinary Medicines Directorate, UK
Grade 7 x 2 Biologicals Assessors in the Biologicals Team

Closing date: 31 March 2021

These exciting and interesting jobs put you at the heart of the important work of the VMD’s Biologicals Team

Click here to view all job opportunities


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