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Liberation Records are today excited to share ‘Savage Heart’, the latest single from formidable Australian rock icon, Adalita. The second taste from her highly anticipated third solo record, Inland, out December 2, ‘Savage Heart’ is accompanied by an encapsulating music video.  

Draped in lush banjo, swirling rock rhythms and commanding vocals that holds you hypnotised, ‘Savage Heart’ devotes to the wild side within, with Adalita’s vocals floating above the nostalgic rock composition, adding new flare to her esteemed musical prowess.  
A succession from the album’s first single ‘Dazzling’, Adalita notes: “It really all began with the first line, “I’m the first bit of light on the wall, I’m the first one to race up the hall”… it’s kind of talking about the fervour of love - here for instance referencing the kind of joy and zeal children feel when their parents come home, racing up the hall with glee. The song also talks to the wild heart in us, how a part of us is I believe, untameable. The other key component of the song was the unexpected addition of the banjo. I just stumbled across it one day and it just sounded like it was always supposed to be there. A real turning point.”  

The single’s free-willed nature is matched with a stunning accompanying music video, produced with filmmaker Adam Harding. Expanding on the sparse romanticism of Inland, the ‘Savage Heart’ video explores another side of Inland’s themes.  

Adam and I knew we had to create the world of a wild and free spirit and we loved the idea of a classic road movie. So, we jammed those two ideas together and spent many weeks storyboarding, analysing the character and getting our shots. It was a gruelling schedule and a very ambitious little project. Like ‘Dazzling’, ‘Savage Heart’ keeps the main protagonist moving through evocative landscapes that reflect and feed into the album’s elements of beauty, dream worlds, vast spaces and the wildness of the soul.” 

Partly inspired by our mutual love of Paris, Texas by Wim Wenders, Adalita and I have fantasized about making a road movie together for several years now. Over the years we’d discuss scenarios we envisioned for this road movie, and some of these ideas are what led to the video for Savage Heart. Ad plays an unnamed character (who we actually created a name and backstory for) in this condensed version of our road movie” - Adam Harding 
Watch Video: for 'Savage Heart'
Adalita will release her long-awaited third solo album, Inland, this December. A celebration of an inward journey, the record bristles with raw emotion, cerebral lyrics and her trademark kick-in-the-guts guitar. This dynamic new work is a layered exploration of self, a tribute to a certain time and place, an analysis of infatuation and obsession, and a celebration of the empowerment of letting go. The first cut of the record, ‘Dazzling’, has been celebrated by fans and critics alike, seeing coverage from press including NME, Double J and The Guardian praising ‘Dazzling’ as “worthy of its near-decade gestation”.   

Shimmering with introspection, Adalita says the album is inspired by themes of adoration and unreturned love which are entrenched in most of the new songs, while other parts are an exploration of disenchantment and desolation. “It’s been a really intense and enlightening few years of exploration into these universal themes of obsessive love, the inner void and reclaiming of the self.”  

A little bit more about Adalita 

Adalita is an undeniable Australian rock icon. She has cemented her well-earned place in the music industry as a highly respected solo artist, since first exploding into the local consciousness back in 1991 as a founding member and principal songwriter of multi-ARIA Award nominated band Magic Dirt. Adalita’s self-titled debut album launched her solo career in 2011, to rave reviews and packed houses on her subsequent national tour. That year was a big one, with national support slots for Blondie and The Pretenders, a special performance for His Holiness The Dalai Lama, and accolades including Best Independent Album at the Australian Independent Record (AIR) Awards and a shortlisting for the Australian Music Prize. In 2013 her follow up album All Day Venus elevated her rapidly rising popularity, and secured a 2014 ARIA Award nomination for Best Female Artist as well as The Age/Music Victoria award for Best Female. 

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Adalita - Inland Out 2 December
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  1. Private Feeling 
  2. Equations 
  3. Dazzling 
  4. Savage Heart 
  5. Hit Me 
  6. Listened Hard 
  7. Tropic 
  8. Blue Smoke 
  9. Missed You 
  10. Abandoned Houses  
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