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Several years ago, a friend shared an article about “the problems of aging”—no author was listed but whoever wrote it was blatantly unexcited about the process. It helped me realize anew that I had a choice: view aging as a “Disaster” or as an “Adventure.” It reinforced the critical necessity of honing a good sense of humor. Does it resonate with your brain? Decide which you choose: Disaster or Adventure. Enjoy my version of “Aging Is a New Adventure.”

Aging Is a New Adventure...


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Please visit this new section on Taylor's website! We have compiled a list of interviews and related videos. You may want to bookmark this page as we will be adding more selected videos.

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Legends of the Wild Series

The Legends of the Wild Series on Emotional Intelligence is coming right along. The first four books are available on The fifth book is nearing completion.



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The Adventures of Aimi & Her Brain  is now available on in Spanish. "Adventuras de AIMI—y su Cerebro" was translated by Daniel Rodela.





Adventuras de AIMI...

Recipe by Request

The email read: “Can I make ratatouille without using eggplant? My body does not like eggplant. Thanks.”

You are not the only one! Check this recipe: Taylor’s Ratatouille (sans eggplant)

Taylor’s Ratatouille...

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LLM Online Course 

The English version currently is available online. Nurses can obtain fifteen (15) hours of CE credit.



What does your brain see first? Some like illusions. Some do not. It is an exercise for the brain.


Taylor's Q&As

qaQ. What happened in Mikaela Shiffrin’s brain at the Olympics? Answer...

Q. What can I do to improve my sleep? Answer...

Q. How can I slow down brain aging so I live longer? Answer...

Q. When you “towel dry” after a bath or shower, is the towel clean or dirty? Answer...

Q. How do drugs affect the brain? Answer...

Q. How does caffeine affect the brain? Answer...

Q. What makes human beings the way they are? Answer...

Q. I’m quite sure I’ve heard you say that the mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cells but what do they do? Answer...

Q. What happens to memories when you forget them? Answer...

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Taylor Brain Bytes

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Point to Ponder

According to Mother Teresa, “life” is many things. Here are a few of them.

Life is:

  • an opportunity, benefit from it.
  • a beauty, admire it.
  • a dream, realize it.
  • a challenge, meet it.
  • a duty, complete it.
  • a game, play it.
  • a promise, fulfill it.
  • a sorrow, overcome it.
  • a song, sing it.
  • a struggle, accept it.
  • a tragedy, confront it.
  • an adventure, dare it.
  • an experience, be grateful for it.
  • a joy, love it.
  • a gift, treasure it.
  • a relational connection, enjoy it!

Do you frequently remind yourself of things for which to be thankful? Gratitude helps you stay positive. Thinking positively can impact your health, overall success, and even your lifespan.

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