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Most people must “perform” at some time and in some way or another. For some, it happens a lot. Meet Bryan and his questions about “choking.” Enjoy “Performance Choking & STP.”

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Take a look at Dr. Taylor's most recent additions to her list of "Soups & Stews." They are Taylor's “Leftovers” Purée and Taylor's Fast Soup & Sandwich.

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Seminar Opportunities

sem So far, physical distancing restrictions have not been lifted sufficiently for Taylor to resume an International public speaking schedule. It is of paramount importance to stay safe and well. She has, however, posted videos on both of her YouTube channels, which you are free to use.


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Taylor Brain Bytes (weekly podcasts)

Taylor Brain Bytes

Have you checked out Taylor’s weekly audio podcasts? As a brain-function specialist, Dr Taylor has designed short podcasts to answer questions about brain health, helping people know more about the brain so they can use theirs by design to stay healthier and younger for longer. These are short (3-5 minutes) audio podcasts on topics such as:

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Taylor Brain Bytes is available on the following listening platforms:

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Longevity Lifestyle Matters Online
LLM onlin

Dr Taylor is excited to announce that the LLM Online Course is live! 

The Longevity Lifestyle Matters (LLM) program is the first of its kind: a 12-week brain-based approach to health and wellness.

LLM Online is designed to share practical and doable strategies that can enable you take personal responsibility for staying healthier, younger, and more successful for longer. Once these strategies are in place, you simply follow them for the rest of your life!

Q & A

Q:I do not consider myself grumpy, although some of my friends do. I do know I am not happy, but I do not even understand happiness. My parents certainly were not happy. I am an only child (an older brother died during childbirth) so I do not know if my siblings would have been happy or not. If I had a Tesla to drive, then I might be happy.... (Answer...)

Q: I fail to understand a comment you made when you said, “No one forces you to exhibit dysfunctional behaviors.” Then where do they come from? (Answer...)

Q: I have worked hard to own a good home and car. I have invested a lot of time and energy in my partner and two kids. I know some important and some famous individuals. My life seems sort of worthless, however, and I struggle to be happy. You seem very happy. What do you do? (Answer...)

Q. Because of the pandemic, we are limited to only one present each this holiday season and I am already depressed about that. What do I tell my kids? (Answer...)

Q: Could you give me a list of suggestions of things to do to help me raise my level of happiness? My doctor said I would likelier be happier and healthier if I “quit thinking about what you don’t have and start concentrating on what you do have.” That irritated the heck out of me, but I can see he might have a point. (Answer...)

Q: I read somewhere that happiness was linked with health and longevity. I cannot believe that. Or perhaps I do not want to believe that. Please tell me they are joking. (Answer...)

Q: I had a brutal and dysfunctional upbringing—below poverty line much of the time. Consequently, making money is of paramount importance and work trumps everything else. I love my kids want them to have everything I did not have, including a good-sized trust fund. Some of my friends have mentioned the kids “are spoiled” and that I am doing them no favors providing them with the level of almost whatever they want. Regretfully, I got livid and said some very unkind things. Tell me I am going down the right path here. I do love my kids. (Answer...)

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Taylor's Blog

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Point to Ponder

Each new day is a blank page in the diary of your life. The secret of success is in turning that diary into the best story you possibly can.

—Douglas Pagels

“How can I do that?” some might ask. It is a choice and a formula.

  • Positive mindset
  • Positive self-talk
  • Look for the positives
  • Be grateful every day
  • Hone your sense of humor
  • Laugh whenever possible
  • Do something every day to move you toward your goals and life vision.
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