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Poet Meghan O’Rourke wrote: There is a discomfort that surrounds grief. It makes even the most well-intentioned people unsure of what to say. And so many of the freshly bereaved end up feeling even more alone. Unfortunately, that is true and more commonly occurring than one might think. Meet Colleen and Anita in this issue’s article. Listen in to their revealing conversation in “What Can I Say?”

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adventuresThe three books in the Taylor and Briggs “Adventures” series are now available on Kindle (click the links below to find on Amazon):

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Taylor’s latest manuscript, I Chose Hope—and that made the difference, is at the editor’s. It will soon be available in paperback, as a Kindle ebook, and in audiobook format.

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Taylor makes her own Chicken-Like Seasoning. It’s free of the reported brain toxin, MSG. One of her goals is to be MSG-free. The recipe is posted on the website under “Toppings & Seasonings.”

Making healthier replacements allows you to tweak many of your favorite recipes. Replacement suggestions are also available in the recipes section.

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Men’s Convention on the USS Hornet

USS HornetTaylor recently spoke at the Men’s Convention that was held on the aircraft carrier USS Hornet located in Alameda, California. There have been many requests for her PowerPoint® slides.
Both presentations are now available on her website:

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Q & A

Q.  I’ve watched you answering questions at your presentations and your style puzzles me. You replied with either the report of research data or gave your own brain’s opinion—and then went right on to the next question. You didn’t even try to convince the questioner to see things your way. Isn’t that a bit shortsighted? Answer…

Q. I am seventeen and I want to be famous. You have spoken in many different countries. Does that make you famous? ‘Cause, if it does, I want to be a public speaker like you! Answer...

Q.  I read your comments in the last Brain Bulletin about wine and supposed benefits to the heart. But what about the brain? Doesn’t wine or other mild alcoholic drinks help the brain to relax? I mean loads of people drink in moderation. Answer...

Q. I’ve heard you speak...and the process of completing a personal Loss Line has been very helpful. Is there something like that for anxiety? Answer...

Q. I would like to know some characteristics of individuals whose brains are anxious. Answer...

Q. How can I motivate young people in my family to get aboard the “train of hope” during their youth? Answer...

Q. At times, I feel deluged with and surrounded by people who are hopeless. What can I do? Answer...

Q. In my family it seems that anxiety accompanies hopelessness. How do you describe anxiety and what is its link, if any, with hopelessness? Answer...

Q. Periodically someone says to me, “You’re weird.” What should I do or say? Answer...

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Age-Proof Your Brain

Are you regularly age-proofing your brain with challenging mental activity? Check out the hundreds of aerobic exercises on Taylor's website. They’re free, along with the articles, practical applications, Q&As, brain references, and more.…

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Point to Ponder

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.
—Marcus Antonius, died 87 BC

There doesn’t seem to be much that I can add to this, if anything. More and more research indicates that everything begins in the brain and that feelings and actions follow one’s thoughts. So, if you want to alter the way you feel and manage your actions and behaviors effectively, you must identify your thoughts and change them. Your brain can only do what it thinks it can do and you are the one to tell it what it can do; give your brain a picture of what you want it to help you do.

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