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Dr Arlene TaylorEstimates are that this generation may be the first in the history of the United States who may live shorter lives than their parents. That is not an attractive prospect, and yet as I travel around the world sharing research on how to stay healthier and younger for longer, many ask—and it’s not just young people, “Do lifestyle choices really make that much difference?” I hope you enjoy the article for this issue: “Why Bother?”

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Q. Is it really true that body organs are replaced regularly? And what about the brain? Answer...

Q. I am so confused about all the brain-body “omes,” and hope you can clarify them for me! Answer...

Q. I know about probiotics but what are prebiotics? Does the brain need them both? And what do you do? Answer...

Q. I want to know if you eat avocados and if so, how does that benefit your brain? And do you use avocado oil for frying? Answer...

Q. This is a Science-Scripture question: I read in Matthew 18:20 about two or three people praying together. Then I read a study abstract that talked about the benefit of “group prayer.” These two perspectives seem contradictory. So, which is right, Science or Scripture? Answer...

Q. My husband watches and rewatches Archie Bunker reruns and I swear he is becoming more like Archie! He’s so wrapped up in the reruns that we don’t have much of a relationship at all. I don’t get it. Answer...

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LLMIf you would like information on how to stay healthier and younger for longer, check out the Longevity Lifestyle Matters Program. A brain-based 12-week program, it is not a diet or a fad, but a way for you to build a longevity lifestyle that works for you and that you will maintain for the rest of your life.

You can do on your own at home, team up with a friend to help you stay motivated, or participate in a group program—and even become a LLM Certified Facilitator to offer the program to others.

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Point to Ponder

Obesity is such that this generation of children could be the first, basically in the history of the United States, to live less healthful and shorter lives than theirparents.

David S. Ludwig, MD, PhD
Director of the Obesity Program
 Children's Hospital, Boston

In most cases, obesity is preventable. It represents a lifestyle of too little exercise, too little portion control, and too little emphasis on eating nutritious foods in as natural state as possible. Obesity is linked with at least 50 chronic conditions and diseases—many of which are preventable. The World Health Organization has referred to obesity as a global pandemic.

There is little worse than watching your child or your grandchild die before you do—yet it is happening all over the world, especially in the United States. Vaping isn’t helping, either!

The studies are clear. Lifestyle matters. What are you choosing? It matters for your health but also for the health and longevity of your children and grandchildren. They watch you and your lifestyle. Embrace and live a longevity lifestyle for yourself and then serve as a role model for those you love. It matters.

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