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Choking. There are several ways that one can choke. The brain can choke, too. Meet Bryan who had questions about “brain choking.” I enjoyed chatting with him and hope you enjoy reading “Winning is a Mindset.”

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Holiday Wishes

Dr. Taylor had fun creating a couple poems for recent blogs to wish all readers a happy and healthy holiday season. Due to the number of requests for copies, both poems are included in this issue of SynapSez®.

Happy Holidays - December 25, 2017

It’s the 25th and all through the house
There’s gratitude brewing—no fire to dowse.
My stocking hangs from the mantle with care,
Which means one foot is still going bare.

The sun peeking through a few drops of rain
Makes hope for snowflakes somewhat in vain.
But the luscious smells of food on the air
Carry great expectations for holiday fare.

Wherever you are and whatever you do,
I’m sending good thoughts to be with you.
Take time to add to your memory’s store,
With hugs and fun and laughter galore.

Remember that when all is said and done,
What really counts are the hearts you have won.
So from my brain and each little cell,
I wish you a very Happy Noel.

Happy New Year – January 1, 2018

It’s actually New Year’s and all through the house,
Excitement is high—of course there’s no mouse!
Just the sound of my brain texting, “Old year is past,
Imagine new opportunities vast.”

My stocking once hung from the mantle with care,
Is back on the foot that was formerly bare.
The sun shining brightly has dispelled the fog—
A very good thing as it looked like eggnog!

Another good meal is about to be served,
From leftovers that were carefully preserved.
The reheated dishes from holiday fare
Account for the wonderful smells in the air.

It’s been a very productive year,
And I’m sure we’ll do even more, no fear.
As life is uncertain with no guarantee,
Please know how I value what you are to me.

Make time to remember, take time to renew,
It’s a brand new page for the you-who-is-you!
So here is my wish for this upcoming year—
Spend quality time with those you hold dear.


ageSeveral more books will soon be available on for Kindle readers. These include:

  • Chronicles of the Alabaster Owl
  • Chronicles of the Jungle King
  • Chronicles of the Littlest Dolphin
  • Age-Proofing Your Brain
  • Beyond the House of Silence
  • Your Brain Has a Bent (not a dent)
  • Age-Proofing Your Memory – Ultimate
  • Age-Proofing Your Memory – Scripture

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Audiobooks for this series are nearly completed, as well.

Taylor’s latest manuscript, I Chose Hope—and that made the difference, is at the editor’s. It will soon be available in paperback, as a Kindle ebook, and in audiobook format.

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Taylor's Blog

Follow Taylor’s weekday blog and stimulate your brain while learning more brain bits. Access Taylor’s blog:

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Check out Taylor’s recipe for Cranberry Sauce. It’s always a colorful and tasty addition to a holiday table.



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Seminar Opportunities

If you want to know where Dr. Taylor is scheduled to speak, check out her Seminar Schedule. Access it from the main menu.

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Q & A

Q.  I heard a talk show that said children who are over-controlled and those who have little if any supervision often exhibit similar behaviors. That makes no sense whatsoever! What’s your opinion? Answer...

Q.  I heard something on the news about “Man Flu.” Really? I know is that when I have the flu I’m rarely “laid out.” I just keep taking care of the family even though I don’t feel very good. My husband on the other hand is flat out on the couch moaning and asking me to bring him hot tea and you name it. So is there anything to this besides him wanting attention? Answer...

Q.  A colleague told me recently that I was “excessively biased” and I retorted that “my brain has no biases.” I’d be happy to report that you agree with me. Answer...

Q. I’ve heard you say that while “bias” (related to issues of safety) is innate, bigotry, racism, and prejudice are learned. Whatever do you mean by that? Answer...

Q. My husband and I recently moved across country and finally located a church congregation where we feel comfortable. Well, almost. It’s a busy place and people are gregarious. However, I am often encouraged to engage in activities that are not appealing and that I find exhausting. Serving at the local soup kitchen, for example. I’m happy to donate food or money to purchase supplies but I don’t want to be there in person. I stumbled on your Extroversion-Ambiversion-Introversion Assessment recently and I score at the far extreme of Introversion. That made so much sense! But how do I fit into a 5,000-member church? Answer...

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Point to Ponder

Creativity is the ability to generate alternatives.  Wayne J. French, D.Min

If I had a dollar for every person who has told me, “My brain just isn’t creative,” well... every brain is creative in its own way. One problem may be that many people associate creativity only with the “arts,” so-called, and miss how creativity goes hand in hand with daily activities.

I particularly like the definition that Dr. French uses. Avoid underestimating your brain. Stop telling your brain that it isn’t creative. It just might believe you and that would be a shame. Every time your brain comes up with an alternative for something, it is exhibiting its creativity!

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