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It is interesting to learn about people’s experiences while being “cooped up” at home. Recently, one young man told me that he had started eating at home, avoiding fast food, and had lost 50 pounds in 10 months. He looked great. Then there is CJ who gained 50 pounds in 10 months. He did not look so great. Different mindset. Different choices. Different self-talk. Enjoy “The Addictive Palate.”

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Bonus Articles

With the weather being so horrendously hot these days, it's more important than ever to stay hydrated! Here are two more articles by Dr. Taylor you should read.

Can You Afford “Dehydration”?

Dehydration Revisited


Do you enjoy illusions?

illusionsMost observers perceive fleeting rays, beams, or lines emanating from the center that appear to be brighter than the background.
Credit: Michael Karlovich & Pascal Wallisch

Original Research: Open access.
Scintillating Starbursts: Concentric Star Polygons Induce Illusory Ray Patterns

AustraliaAustralia and books

As you may already know, paperback printing in Australia has arrived! This means that you can purchase any of Dr. Taylor’s paperback books listed on—directly within Australia. You will see faster book deliveries with free, two-day shipping available to Prime members. 

LLM Online Course 

Longevity Lifestyle Matters Online Course is up and running well. Several hundred individuals took advantage of the free access during the month of February.

LLM Online Course is available to anyone for a total cost of $12 (that comes out to $1 per week for the 12-week program).

Nurses can obtain 15 hours of CE credit for LLM Online Course for an additional $15 ($1 per hour of CE credit.) Be sure to start the program about four months in advance of when you need the CE credit.

Taylor Brain Bytes (weekly podcasts)

Taylor Brain Bytes

Have you checked out Taylor’s weekly audio podcasts? As a brain-function specialist, Dr Taylor has designed short podcasts to answer questions about brain health, helping people know more about the brain so they can use theirs by design to stay healthier and younger for longer. These are short (3-5 minutes) audio podcasts on relevant brain-health topics.

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New Book Series!

Legends of the Wild - 12-part series

Since travel has been curtailed for Taylor since January of 2020, she and her coauthor, Michael R. Hudson, have been writing and recording books in the Legend of the Wild series. 12 manuscripts are in process. The first book, Nuisance to Nobility, has been released and is available on The audiobook, with voices for each creature, is available for you to listen to FREE through August. It is a fun way to learn more about Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills.

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UPDATE (June 25, 2021)

Book 2 of the series, Tumbler to Trailblazer, has just been released!

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Q & A

Q: What is the difference between the brain’s gray and white matter? I’m quite sure I do not know! Answer...

Q: I just heard on the news that after a stroke or other traumatic brain injury, the damage to the white matter in the brain is a better predictor “of brain-function outcome” than gray matter. What does this mean? Answer...

Q: Have you heard anything about a study that identified links between household physical activity and brain health in older adults? Answer...

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Taylor's YouTube channel, Taylor on the Brain, is currently undergoing reconstruction. Check with us in August!
Taylor's website is also undergoing reconstruction. Links to Taylor's brain-function resources are now all on one page.

Taylor's Blog

Taylor's' blog posts are released at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time every weekday. This makes it available at morning breaks and lunchtime, depending on the location in the United States and Canada. For others in some areas of the world, it will be waiting for them when they wake up.

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Point to Ponder

The world in our heads is not a precise replication of reality…it is distorted by the prevalence and emotional intensity of the messages to which we are exposed. 
—Daniel Kahneman, PhD 

One of the factors that can contribute to this distortion involves the number of Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACEs that you experienced. The ACE study, directed by Dr. Vincent Felitti of Kaiser in San Diego, California has shed light on an area of distortion that has been swept under the proverbial carpet and suppressed by individuals, families, schools, churches, and so on. “Nice people do not talk about such things.” Most people do not recognize the link between their past and their present—whatever the trauma was and whatever are their present symptoms. Be assured, however, “The Body Keeps the Score!”

ACEs are more common that you might imagine. However, they have often been unrecognized, or pooh-poohed, or brushed aside, or tried to put back onto the child who experienced them as “being all in your head.” The studies revealed that trauma—the real terrorist in America—tends to begin at home, compounded by school, church, and society in general. It includes gender and racism problems along with every other type of dysfunction you could name. It is the elephant in the room, the bull in the China shop.

For example, according to CDC data, just since 2001, more women have been killed by male partners/family members than all Americans killed in 9/11, Iraq, and Afghanistan combined. The ACE Study identified ten categories (not events) of equal impact when determining a person’s ACE score. 

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