Winter Issue 2022

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According to a recent report [COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC], the coronavirus pandemic has been deadly. (Numbers below were current as of 1/3/2022.)

Cases: 292,281,335
Deaths: 5,464,570
Recovered: 255,086,766

No surprise that many are struggling to cope with the loss of those they loved. Taylor’s article, “You Can Recover from Your Losses,” has been updated and made available on her website. There is an index at the beginning to make it easy to find the sections you want to read. 

Read “You Can Recover from Your Loses” (PDF)...

Legends of the Wild Series

The first four books in the Legends of the Wild series have been released on The audiobooks with different animal voices will soon be available.

Recipe by Request

It has taken a while to find a vegan pancake recipe that is vegan and healthier, but Taylor finally crafted one. Enjoy!

Link to Taylor’s Vegan Hi-protein Pancakes...

LLM Online Course 

LLM Online is in the process of being translated into Spanish. The embedded videos will have Spanish subtitles. The English version currently is available online.



Can you find three profiles hidden in this illusion?


Taylor Brain Bytes (weekly podcasts)

Taylor Brain Bytes

Be sure to check out Taylor’s weekly audio podcasts, "Taylor Brain Bytes." These are short (3-5 minutes) audio podcasts on brain-related topics.

Link to all podcasts to date...

Taylor Brain Bytes is available on the following listening platforms:

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Taylor's Blog

Follow Taylor’s weekday blog (which is released every weekday at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time), and stimulate your brain while learning more brain bits. Spend three minutes a day learning something about brain health and then choose to implement helpful strategies. Access Taylor’s blog:

You may also access Taylor's Blog on Facebook and Twitter.

*Here's how to get Dr. Taylor's blog posts sent to your email address. If you are accessing the blog on your phone, scroll all the way down to the bottom and tap on "View web version." Then (on the phone web version or on your computer or tablet) scroll down, look on the right side, and find the "Follow by Email" window, enter your email address, and click on SUBMIT. You will receive a confirmation email at that address which you must respond to in order to be subscribed to the blog posts.

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Q & A

Brain Functions

Q: I am 58 years old and for the last 40 years I have established 10 New Year’s Resolutions each year—and the for the last 40 years have failed to establish the new habits I desired. What is wrong with me? Answer...

Q: Do you think it is possible to dream and tell yourself about a joke in your dream that you don’t think you ever heard before? Answer...

Q: Why are brains so complicated? Answer...

Q: Why do brains “brain”? Answer...

Sensory Systems

Q: Please give me an example of how sensory preference in children impacts their behaviors. Answer...

Emotions vs Feelings

Q: How is it that everyone has different thoughts? And what causes strong thoughts and emotions? Answer...


Q: What happens when you have a Déjà vu? Answer...


Q: Do people only whistle or sing when they are happy? Answer...

Care of the Brain

Q: Is there anything you can do to improve your sleep? Answer...

More Q&A with Dr. Taylor...

Point to Ponder

The better you feel about yourself and the healthier and balanced your sense of self-worth,
the less need you have to criticize others.

I have searched unsuccessfully for the author of this quote—it is on point based upon what we are learning about self-esteem and brain function. Those who are in the habit of criticizing others frequently, tend to feel less competent than others in one or more areas of life. When they criticize others, the brain thinks in essence, “I would never but NEVER do or say that, therefore I am better than they are.” Problem is, the momentary sense of “better than” is fleeting at best, lasting only a short time. This means that they need to find someone else to criticize about something in order to trigger another shot of “feel better” about themselves. If you’ve not made a New Year’s Resolution—and only make one at a time (see Q&As)—this might be the one to embrace.


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