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Do you know someone who is narcissistic? Have narcissistic behaviors negatively impacted your life? Estimates are that there are between one and five narcissists for every 100 people in the general population of the U.S.A. There are, of course, degrees of illness up to and including malignant narcissism. The DSM-5 Manual classes Narcissistic Personality Disorder or NPD as a mental illness and includes it under Personality Disorders - Cluster B. Narcissistic behaviors do impact others in a variety of ways, personally and professionally. Check out this issue’s featured article, “Narcissism’s Nuts and Bolts.”

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This optical illusion reportedly contains 13 faces. How many can you find?

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SpanishAdventures of Aimi and Adventures of Stella in Spanish

The Adventures of Aimi & her Brain is available in Spanish on Adventuras de AIMI—y su Cerebro was translated by Daniel Rodela. This book provides information about three main sensory systems: Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic.

Mr. Rodela has completed the Spanish translation for Adventuras de Stella—y su Cerebro. This book provides information about Extroversion, Ambiversion, and Introversion, along with Emotional Intelligence skills. Watch for its release on

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Hundreds of individuals are learning how to stay healthier and younger for longer in the comfort of their own home. Check out Longevity Lifestyle Matters Online.


qaTaylor's Q&As

Q: Why are people always saying that the human brain is cognitively superior to all other creatures, even primates? Other creatures, especially primates, are amazing! Answer...

Q: Is there any difference between Bell’s Palsy and what Justin Bieber reported he has? Answer...

Q: Does the brain know the difference between hurt and pain? Answer...

Q: How does the brain function when you are experiencing hurt or pain? Answer...

Q: How does Hurt and Pain impact the brain? Answer...

Q: What causes the brain to dream? Answer...

Q: Does weather impact brain function in any way? Answer...

Q: What happens in the brain when you listen to music versus perform music? Answer...

Q: What is the best type of food to eat for the brain? Answer...

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Point to Ponder

It's a big mistake to think about yourself. No one is interested in you overall. Don't court popularity. It doesn't last. Remember that the attention comes because of the position you are privileged to hold, not because of who you are. If you think it's all about you, you'll never be happy.   
—Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

During June of 2022, the British Empire celebrated Queen Elizabeth II and her reign of 70 years. Prince Philip, her husband and consort of the British Monarch, was the longest-serving royal consort in history. Unfortunately, he missed the jubilee celebrations having died in 2021, two months before his 100th birthday. Prince Philip was born in Greece, into both the Greek and Danish royal families. Word is that the role of Queen consort is a difficult one. Word also is that Prince Philip did a stellar job. Queen Elizabeth reportedly said she owes “him a greater debt than he would ever claim, or we shall ever know.”

Consensus is that most people are more interested in themselves than in anyone else. It would appear that Prince Philip understood that. His perception is opposite to that of most narcissists. It is worth giving thought to his words.
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