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It’s interesting how questions about a specific topic sometimes arrive in batches. “Friends with benefits,” for example. One questioner was so specific and articulate in describing his dilemma, I decided to respond to his own words. It is admittedly a rather unusual article! I hope you enjoy “Friends with Benefits.”

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Longevity Lifestyle Matters Program

Dr. David and Flo Lowe recently concluded a very successful Longevity Lifestyle Matters program in Camarillo. It is so rewarding to have participants say, "It’s fun, affordable, and doable." That was the goal with this 12-week brain-based program!

In Australia, David Stojcic and his LLM CF colleagues, Beverley Reye and Annette Hofman, have just finished their first LLM program and report similar results. They are hosting LLM through “4D Living,” a health promotion center.

In Manila, The Philippines, Dr. Abraham Carpena and his LLM CF colleagues have their first LLM program "under their belts" so to speak. Three more are scheduled already for this year.

In India, Dr. Vijayan Chinnappan holds the distinction of being the first individual in his country to be certified as a Longevity Lifestyle Matters Certified Facilitator.

Information on how to become a LLM Certified Facilitator and host this amazing program is posted on the LLM website,

Q & A

Q. I stumbled onto your website recently. Amazing. Humongous. Where do I start? Answer...

Q. A friend of mine recently told me that playing a musical instrument is more stimulating for the brain than simply listening to music. Is there anything to that? Answer...

Q. We just saw a news flash about a study that reported eating three scoops of ice cream first thing in the morning increased alertness in the research participants. My kids now want it for breakfast instead of oatmeal and fruit. What do you think? Answer...

Q.  My neighbor keeps telling me to start drinking red wine with dinner “because it is good for your heart, and a happy heart is a happy brain.” Is there any research about this? Answer...

Q. As a company administrator, I have made it a policy to mentor younger individuals, usually quite successfully. Recently an employee whom I mentored for several years moved to a different organization. Initially, it seemed they wanted to continue our association and even expand it to a personal friendship since we were no longer working for the same entity (and I am careful to avoid mixing business with pleasure). As they moved up the ladder in the new position, however, it seemed a level of competition has developed and strained the relationship. They do many things well and have some excellent skills but frankly they differ from mine. I have always stressed the concept of identifying and honing “your own gifts” rather than trying to copy another’s style and mimic what they do very well. Over the past couple of years I’ve sensed a distancing by this individual unless they want something from me. The perception of some observers is that there may be a lack of accurate perception about what they do well. Any ideas? Answer...

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Age-Proof Your Brain

Are you regularly age-proofing your brain with challenging mental activity? Check out the hundreds of aerobic exercises on Taylor's website. They’re free, along with the articles, practical applications, mini-monographs, Q&As, brain references, assessments, and more.…

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A Longevity Lifestyle does not require giving up all desserts and definitely does not recommend eating unpalatable food. There is a middle course. Using healthier replacements allows you to tweak many of your favorite recipes—including desserts—so they are less deleterious. You might like to try Taylor’s Dessert Truffles....

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Point to Ponder

Health is not a chance; health is a choice; and only you can choose it.

Raymond Francis

What else is there to say? This perception played a part in developing the Longevity Lifestyle Matters program, endeavoring to motivate individuals to internalize that they not only have a choice but also are the only ones who can make that choice for themselves. There’s no better time to start taking that journey than right now.

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