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Relating with other brains is so interesting—even if the interaction starts out resembling a cyclone—as long as one avoids JOT behaviors in the process! Enjoy the notes from one interaction I had. 

This issue’s article is entitled: “A Bent Is a Plus!”

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Seminar Opportunities

If you want to know where Dr. Taylor is scheduled to speak, check out her Seminar Schedule. Access it from the main menu.

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Check out Taylor’s recipes. Fall is beginning to show its colorful face and that’s when Dr. Taylor likes to make Brain Granola, filling the house with the scent of real vanilla extract and cinnamon. Many have been told that granola “will make me fat.” Some granola could do just that—depending on its ingredients and how much of it you eat. Dr. Taylor happens to like chewy foods for breakfast and says she enjoys ½ cup of this granola often with ½ cup of fresh fruit on top. It contains no wheat, oil, or salt, and is quite easy to make. Of course, you can use non-dairy milk on it—but then it’s not “so crunchy”!

There are several more new recipes, including Taylor’s Baked Potato Chowder and Taylor’s Vegan Pesto.

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Q & A

Q. My grandson started hitting me when he was about age five. I pick him up from school five days a week until his mother gets home from work. He is now thirteen and much bigger. He threw a glass and hit me in the head last week. A couple days later he put his fist through the wall. Earlier this week he punched me in the chest. It hurt. If anyone else did that I’d call the police, but this is “my grandson!” Yes, he is angry because his father was killed in Pakistan, but it is starting to feel as if he is taking it out on us. I know he hits his mother, but she always says it was an accident and he didn’t really mean it. We don’t want to spank him because he just becomes uncontrollable and goes into a rage, so we have tried reasoning with him and taking away privileges. It may work for a day or two but then something else will happen. He slung a dinner plate at a large mirror in the dining room yesterday and they splintered into smithereens. What is wrong with his brain and what can we do to protect ours? Answer...

QHere’s the deal. My friends and I are debating whether or not prayer does any good whatsoever. I know people who pray and their prayers are not always answered. Answer...

Q. A colleague recently mentioned he’d heard something about “channels in the human skull.” Do you know anything about this? Frankly, it sounds a bit weird to me. Answer...

Q. I heard you speak about water and the price of dehydration. Drinking plain water is sooooo boring to me. Why can’t I drink the many “fancy” waters now on the market? Answer...

Q. Are there any tasty substitutes for water? Answer...

Q. How come anger and fear are positioned between joy and sadness on the emotions staircase? Answer...

Q. There is a new employee in our office who is a bit different. This individual has stopped coming to the break room after apparently overhearing some unkind remarks about the differences. What should I do? Answer...

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Taylor's Blog

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Point to Ponder

You are valuable because you exist—not because of what you do or what you have done, but simply because you are. 

—Max Lucado 

Being is very different from doing. Many are constantly "doing" in an attempt to feel good about themselves, to feel valuable and worth something. Being is simply realizing that every brain on the planet is different; and, while each brain has some valuable talent(s), that is in addition to knowing that you are valuable because your brain exists on this planet. There has never been nor will there ever be another brain just like yours. Period. That makes it unique and valuable. Believe it. Identify what it does well and use that to take care of yourself and to be of service to others and to this planet.  

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