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Have you heard about the landmark study that linked Adverse Childhood Events or ACEs with undesirable lifelong consequences? Melannia had not. Once she began to identify them, recover from them, and choose to learn new behaviors, it completely changed her life. Enjoy “Hidden Links....”

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Longevity Lifestyle Matters (LLM Online) is a 12-week program designed to help people—busy people—learn how to create and maintain a longevity lifestyle to help them stay healthier and younger for longer. It can make all the difference in the world not only for longevity but also for preventing many so-called age-related brain problems or slowing down their progress. You can follow your own pace and there is nothing to write. Video clips are embedded for easy access.

NOTE: Nurses in the USA can obtain fifteen (15) hours of CE credit through the California Board of Registered Nursing, CA CE Provider #08580. The cost is $15 for this 13th module. Be sure to start the program well in advance of when you need the CE credit. Certificates are sent via email after the test questions have been completed, returned, and scored as a “pass.”


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Q & A

Q: Is concentrating at work enough to keep my mind healthy? Answer...

Q: Is it possible to force mental illnesses on someone? Answer...

Q: What is something small I can do to improve my brain today? Answer...

Q: How are memories stored and retrieved? Answer...

Q: What is your favorite mind-blowing fact about the brain? Answer...

Q: Many people learned to like working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some don’t even want to go back to working out of an office. What is that about? I went nearly nuts staying home! Answer...

Q: Is the brain equally creative no matter the environment? COVID-19 made many people work remotely. Is that a good or a bad thing in terms of creativity? Answer...

Q. Can I make ONLY logical decisions without emotion? Answer...

Q: Is it possible to fake a mental illness? Answer...

Q. I am very confused. Why is it that some people get the COVID-19 vaccine and still get sick? Why bother getting the vaccine anyway? Answer...

Q: Why do people who get the influenza vaccine sometimes also get sick with the flu? Answer...

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Point to Ponder

Doctors see patients because of disease. 
Patients see doctors because of anxiety.
Therein lies the problems between the two. 
—–Michael Halini 

A major cause of anxiety—that often leads to physical and mental disease, especially Anxiety Disorders and Depressive Disorders —involves Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) that one has experienced. The importance of identifying and recovering from these ACEs has been uncovered in part by the ACE study, directed by Dr. Vincent Felitti of Kaiser in San Diego, California.

The ACE Study identified ten categories (not events) of equal impact when determining a person’s adverse-childhood-experiences score. The ACE score is the sum of categories and not the number of events. For example: one in each category equals a score of 3.

5 Categories of Household Dysfunction (85 percent of study participants identified one or more). These categories involve growing up in a home in which one or more of the following occurred: 

  • Substance abuse (27 percent)
  • Loss of biological parent <18 (death, suicide, murder, divorce, separation, abandonment, foster, adoption), 23 percent
  • Depression, suicide, anxiety, other DSM 5 diagnosis, 17 percent
  • Domestic violence of mother, 13 percent
  • Incarceration, 5 percent

3 Categories of Abuse (61 percent in the study)

  • Physical abuse by parent/parent figure (not spanking), 28 percent
  • Sexual contact by anyone, 22 percent (16 percent male, 28 percent female—self acknowledged)
  • Psychological/emotional by parent (recurrent humiliation) 11 percent

2 Categories of Neglect (25 percent in the study): 

  • Emotional, 15 percent
  • Physical, 10 percent

Adverse Childhood Events, Dr. Vincent Felitti

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