Winter Issue 2019

Holiday Poems

December 24, 2018

ChristmasThe 24th and nowhere in the house,
Could you find a mouse, much less a louse?
The fireplace crackles, the logs burning bright
As they share their warmth—a beautiful sight.
On the door hangs a fragrant evergreen wreath,
With golden bells hanging ‘round and beneath.

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December 31, 2018

It’s New Year’s Eve and all through the house,
The music that’s playing is by Johann Strauss.
No stocking still hangs from the mantle with care,
Unwise to go ‘round with a foot that is bare.

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Some of you may know that Marilyn J. Banford, PhD, and I co-authored a book entitled “Beyond the House of Silence—Secrets Layers upon Secrets.” It was not a particularly easy book to write. Not because we were in any way incompatible as authors—smile—but because as “Amelia Baker” told her story and we looked at the pictures she had drawn and observed the results in her life it triggered a roller-coaster of emotions, linking back to the experiences of other individuals who, looking for help, had shared their journey with one or the other of us—or both. We never do things looking for “thanks.” However, once in a while we receive a letter that reminds us of the reason that we put in the time to do what we do. The short article for this issue is one of those “thank you” communications—and it is included, kindness of the author’s permission, of course.

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By request, Taylor is including her recipe for her Veggie Quiche. There is a vegan and a non-vegan option—so you could make (as one reader put it) “one of each as some of our relatives and friends are vegan.” This recipe will serve four easily and you can multiply the recipe as needed.

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Seminar Opportunities

Would you like to know where Dr. Taylor is scheduled to speak? From the left side menu, click on Seminars / Schedule, then click on Speaking Schedule. 

Taylor was in Australia three times in 2018 and will be returning in 2019 for another Brain Conference. She will also return to Fiji in 2019 and is looking forward to both trips. 

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Q & A

Q. I heard you speak about the link between dehydration and dementia. Wonderful information. However, when asked one particular question you replied, “That is outside my area of study and currently I am unfamiliar with research that could help me give you an appropriate answer.” Don’t you find it embarrassing to admit you don’t have an answer—and you a Brain Function Specialist? I would be—big time—and for a long time! Answer...

Q. How much alcohol can I drink “safely” so there is no negative impact to my brain? Answer...

Q. My friend and I are having an argument about how much water we need to drink to prevent brain shrinkage. My friend says ten eight-ounce glasses. I grew up being told I needed eight eight-ounce glasses. Please settle this once and for all. Answer...

Q.  I am quite sure that not everyone likes you and you know that. So how do you deal with knowing that? Answer...

Q. I’ve heard you talk about “booting up your brain with breakfast” but I don’t get what the big deal is. What does it matter whether or not I eat breakfast? Answer...

Q. How fast do I need to walk? I hear people say “briskly” but briskly for one person may be strolling or running for another. And what about age? Answer...

Q. I read an article about personality characteristics related to intelligence. Is there anything to that? Answer...

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Taylor's Blog

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Jeanne Louise Calment Mystery!

Many of you have heard Dr. Taylor talk about Jeanne Louise Calment of Arles in Southern France. Since 1997, this woman has been touted as having lived to a documented age of 122 years 164 days. Well, guess what? Russian gerontologist Valery Novoselov, who initially called for the investigation into the documentation of Jeanne's age, said he first became suspicious because Jeanne didn't fit typical data trends. A 2018 study suggests that the woman known as Jeanne Louise Calment may actually have been Jeanne's daughter, Yvonne. The only way to solve this potential mystery is to exhume Jeanne and her daughter Yvonne and see which is which and who is who. Imagine the uproar if the Russian researcher’s theory is correct, as the city of Arles, France has received a great deal of attention because of Jeanne Louise Calment.


Point to Ponder

Each receptor molecule remembers how many times it has been stimulated and whether it was over or under stimulated. This memory affects the flow of information through the brain and the body. That’s why abuse is lethal and affirmation so powerful. 

—Candace B. Pert, PhD 

Dr. Pert was very clear that abuse is more than physical. It can be emotional and mental—especially in relation to memory and, as she put it, the flow of information through the brain and body. And abuse is not just something that others do to you. In all likelihood, far more people “abuse” their own brain and body than are abused by others. How do they do this? By failing to live a proactively preventive longevity lifestyle. Some even “know better” but fail to make the choice to “do better.” You might want to make that decision right now and implement the brain function of willpower to help you create and live a longevity lifestyle for as long as you live. 

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