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Benjamin Franklin has been quoted as saying: Never ruin an apology with an excuse. That reminded me of a conversation I had with a couple of women about the tendency for females to over apologize by saying "I'm sorry" even when they have done nothing that would warrant an apology. Meet Jaylen and Shirley who were at opposite ends of the spectrum. Enjoy this issue's article entitled, "I'm Sorry"--or "I Regret."

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APRIL – National Humor Month

Have you laughed today? Are you looking for humorous things to trigger laughter? You can just start laughing by choice. Try it. You might like it! If not, do it anyway because of the myriad of benefits it provides for your brain, internal organs, and immune system.

Seminar Opportunities

Would you like to know where Dr. Taylor is scheduled to speak? From the main menu, click on Seminars / Schedule, then click on Speaking Schedule. Taylor is returning to Australia, Fiji, and the Philippines in 2019. 

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Check out Taylor’s Recipes!

Asparagus season is here. I was introduced to fresh asparagus when I was age 8 and the house we moved into had an asparagus patch behind the garage. There’s little else that tastes better than fresh creamed asparagus. Of course, I needed a recipe that didn’t use white flour, dairy milk, and lots of butter on white sandwich bread toasted! Here's the way the cook across the road fixed it when we shared some of our abundance. So, it's the one I use.

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Q & A

Q. My father has dementia and I keep asking myself if I contributed to this in any way? And when I try something that doesn’t work with him, I ask myself if I just didn’t do it right. Answer...

Q. Visitors dropped by my house recently and one of the individuals looked around and asked when I had dusted last. I was so taken aback I couldn’t think of a thing to say and, really, my house wasn’t that dusty—even though I live in an area with many vineyards that do produce quite a bit of dust. What’s with their brain? Answer...

Q. My daughter spoke to you after one of your lectures and asked if the Space Agency ever hired brain function specialists and she might like that type of job. According to her you said, “I don’t know.” Did you really say that and isn’t that type of response undermining your credibility? Answer...

Q. I don’t understand a comment you made during one seminar when you said, “No one makes you exhibit dysfunctional behaviors.” Then where do they come from? Answer...

Q. I am sure you have heard this said as a joke, but I am dead serious: “Why can’t a woman be more like a man?” You’re a brain function specialist. Why are male-female relationships so difficult? Answer...

Q. I have heard you say that you never drink ice water and I cannot imagine why not. What’s wrong with ice water? Plus, you drink warm water first thing every morning. Doesn’t that make you gag? Answer...

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Point to Ponder

You cannot escape the power and influence of your beliefs. Pay attention to them because they can make the difference between life and death, health and illness.

—Larry Dossey, MD
The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

No doubt you have heard of spontaneous remission. According to the Psychology Dictionary, spontaneous remission refers to the reduction or disappearance of symptoms without any apparent therapeutic intervention. Dr. Al Seibert talks about this in his book The Survivor Personality, as well. In fact, there is an entire chapter devoted to “Self-Managed Healing.” Bernie Siegal also addresses it in his book Love, Medicine, and Miracles. The bottom line appears to be that what an individual believes often happens. I recall a wise mentor saying that people rarely receive what they “deserve,” in life; they often get what they “expect.’ What do you believe about health and longevity? What do you expect? It matters!

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