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More and more questions are coming in asking about “forgiveness,” especially in light of recent terrorist-type activities, news of which seems to be more and more in the limelight. By request, I have updated the mini-monograph on forgiveness. Here it is with the hope that it will help give you a bigger picture of forgiveness, what it is and what it is not, and reasons to ask yourself: “Can you afford to be unforgiving?”

To Forgive or Not to Forgive...

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Check out Taylor’s recipes. There are several new ones, including:

And there is a new section on Beverages with:

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Seminar Opportunities

If you want to know where Dr. Taylor is scheduled to speak, check out her Seminar Schedule. Access it from the main menu.

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Q & A

Q. Okay. Here’s the deal. I have been married AND DIVORCED four times, with relationships in between and none of them (I repeat NONE OF THEM) worked. So what is going on here? Answer...

Q. I love so many things about my partner but it is almost impossible for her to “trust.” Anyone. Anything. She is a very successful executive in her work sphere, granted, but she also tends to be quite critical. What sets this up in a person? Answer...

Q. I am confused. Some recipes on your website call for nutritional yeast. I only know about brewer’s yeast. Answer...

Q. Have there been any advances in figuring out a treatment for Alzheimer’s? Answer...

Q.  At an Alzheimer’s support group I mentioned that I read aloud to a family member when I visit. There was a lively discussion about reading aloud—it benefits the person doing the reading but does it benefit the person being read to if they do not comprehend the words, or does hearing the words read to a person stimulate brain activity? Answer...

Q. While driving in the car recently I heard someone talking about physical, mental, emotional and “spiritual” fitness. First, I’m unclear about what spirituality really is—and fitness? Answer...

More Q&A with Dr. Taylor...

Books for Kindle Readers

booksSeveral more books will soon be available on for Kindle readers. These include:

Books by Taylor...

Point to Ponder

For over 20 years, I have advocated brain-based teaching as the revolution needed to cope with the changing times in education. Quite simply, brain-based education is the engagement of strategies based on principles derived from neuroscience. 

—Eric Jensen (

So what does a quote about education have to do with health and brain function? 

It’s quite simple. When people ask, “What do you mean when you say that the Longevity Lifestyle Matters program is ‘brain-based’?” I like to use a paraphrase of Jensen’s description. 

Quite simply, this brain-based program is the engagement of strategies based on principles derived from neuroscience that can help people stay healthier and younger for longer. If they are applied practically on a daily basis, of course. 

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