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Recently I received a request to help a college student prepare for a 90-minute presentation on the characteristics that tend to align with extroversion, ambiversion, and introversion. We had fun collaborating and you may have fun reading this article entitled, "Where Are U on the E-A-I Continuum?"

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Check out Taylor’s recipes. There are several new ones, and there is a new section on Beverages.

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Seminar Opportunities

Many of Dr. Taylor’s speaking engagements are listed on the website. Check out where she is. 

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Q & A

Q. I know that cells in the body regularly replace themselves by multiplying and dividing and that this happens in the brain, too. So how does the brain retain memories? Answer...

Q. I have heard you say that “Each brain only has its own opinion.” That sounds to me like you think my brain's opinion is inaccurate. I know my mother rejected me—she gave me up for adoption, for heaven’s sake! What do you have to say to that? Answer...

Q.  I cannot imagine what you were thinking when you said, “Spanking a child does more harm than good. In fact, some refer to corporal punishment as the lazy person’s way of discipline.” Are you out of your mind? I was spanked and I intend to keep spanking my six children! Answer...

Q.  Have you heard of the term “Social Insurance”? What new jibber-jabber is this? Answer...

Q. I am in school studying social science and just read about Stanley Milgram’s obedience experiments in 1963. I thought obedience was a good thing. What’s your take? Answer...

Q. What’s all the hype about IQ anyway? I know there is more than one type of intelligence. Why not measure all of them? Answer...


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Taylor's Blog

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Point to Ponder

Tears come from the heart and not from the brain. 

―Leonardo da Vinci

In the sense that brain neurons have to do more with IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and heart neurons have more to do with EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient), da Vinci might have been onto something. And that was before all the emerging brain scanning equipment and other modalities related to expanding our knowledge of the brain and its amazing functions.

The Success Quotient or SQ formula also addresses both IQ and EQ, although they do not contribute equally. IQ contributes approximately twenty percent to one’s success and EQ is responsible for eighty percent of a person’s success.

Research (especially by HeartMath) has shown a connection between the heart and the brain. Apparently these two vital organs communicate continually. It will be interesting to continue to follow this emerging research. 

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