Fall Issue 2020

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This issue has a “two for one.” Both articles deal with an aspect of “life with COVID-19.” 

First is a short article entitled “One Plus One Equals Two,” regarding Louis Pasteur and Antoine Béchamp. I enjoyed doing the research for it!

With the ongoing pandemic, there are reports of increases in divorce filings as well as parent-child conflicts. Regret to hear that. Several questions prompted this second article, “Yes, No, and Yes When…” Enjoy them both.

Taylor Brain Bytes

Taylor Brain Bytes

Get ready for a new feature!

Dr. Taylor is busy preparing content for her new podcast channel, "Taylor Brain Bytes," which will be launching over the next few weeks. You can access the first episode at

Stay tuned for more details, which will be announced in a separate email.

Taylor's Resources

As always, all articles, YouTube videos, recipes, games, and practical applications (among other things) are available free on Taylor’s website:

Four mini-video series and a single video on Epidemic/Pandemic are available. Auto-generated closed captioning and subtitles in English and Spanish are available options on all videos.

  • “The Doctor Within” – a six-part series about the amazing immune system.
  • “Emotional Quotient and Success” – a seven-part series on how to enhance your potential for success. 
  • “Birds & Brains” – a 12-part series on brain tips through a parrot talk show format
  • “Longevity Lifestyle Matters” – a 12-part series on how to stay healthier and younger for longer
  • “Panicked or Prudent” – one video related to Epidemic/Pandemic

These are available free of charge on Taylor Brain Talk YouTube channel (  



Don't forget to check Taylor's Recipes for healthy food ideas, especially as the holidays are approaching. Taylor says, "The sky is the limit for healthier eating, and it can make a significant difference in your potential wellness and longevity."

Take a look at Dr. Taylor's most recent addition to her list of "Toppings & Seasonings." This one is called "Taylor's Blueberry Compote" and can be made with fresh or frozen blueberries.

Here is Taylor's full list of Recipes...

Seminar Opportunities

sem So far, physical distancing restrictions have not been lifted sufficiently for Taylor to resume an international public speaking schedule. It is of paramount importance to stay safe and well. By request, Taylor is investigating the possibility of making presentations via Zoom. Contact her directly to ask about this option (


Meantime, she is writing and scripting another 12-part mini-podcast series on the Brain and Male-Female Differences.

She is also busy creating a Longevity Lifestyle Matters program as a totally online option: LLM Online. This will be a very affordable 12-module online course, modeled after the 12-week in-person LLM classes, with complete information, all necessary forms, and related videos for each module.

Visit Brain Talk on YouTube…

Selected seminar presentations on YouTube…

Q & A

Q: I am having difficulty understanding how people can expose others to potential infection by a communicable disease by not wearing a mask or fact covering when they leave the house. Because of this, do you know if there are there any studies that show the most effective mask that I can wear? Thanks. Answer...

Q: What does blood type really mean, and is there anything to the rumor that some blood types may be at higher risk for contracting COVID-19? Answer...

Q: I come from a long line of “physically sickly” ancestors—including my own parents. Because of that, are my own decisions regarding lifestyle choices, especially during communicable disease outbreaks, really going to matter much? Seems rather hopeless to me. Answer...

Q: My beloved partner of 40 years died six months ago. I cannot accept that this really happened. Why am I left alone? Why me? I wander around the house looking at pictures and crying. A friend of mine says this behavior is slowly killing me. I don’t want to live anyway. What’s the difference? Answer...

Q: I take parenting very seriously. I figure that when my children leave home they will likely get rather lax in some areas so I need to be very strict while they live in our home. We do not have TV, they do not need cell phones, and we carefully monitor where they go and who they visit. I am confident this will result in their being excellent and well-rounded adults. I have told them I’m pretty stressed with this pandemic and it’s their job to help me feel better. Mind you, I am not asking for any advice, I’m just telling you what we do. Answer...

Q: Did you really say that newborns could be taught any language on the planet? That cannot be true. Do you know how many languages and dialects exist? Answer...

Q: Can you possibly shed some light on "reparation"? I am hearing so many comments like these:

  • Many in most countries have been marginalized in one way or another—although that doesn’t make it right. You can never fix the past; you can create a better future.
  • Many groups are demanding reparation. The list includes Native Americans to descendant of slaves, those abused by church clerics to underpaid females, individuals who were incarcerated improperly to Hollywood actors who were pressured to “sleep their way” to a role.
  • Where is the money going to come from? Collapsing a country financially leaves no future for the next generation. Some countries abroad sold their own people into slavery in exchange for guns. That doesn’t make it right. Are those countries being asked for reparation? There does need to be everyone acting together to make equality a reality, however, perhaps half or more of the people in America had nothing to do with causing the inequalities many groups are identifying. They came to America to avoid the inequalities in their own countries. Answer...

Q: When you hear the term “broken heart,” does that mean the neurons actually die or is it just a euphemism? Answer...

Q: Okay. You are a brain-function specialist. Periodically, I could swear my husband is intoxicated. I am sure I can smell alcohol on his breath. He adamantly protests that he has never ingested one drop of alcohol. I have combed the house and checked the trash—no evidence of bottles or cans—although my mother thinks he is lying. Any suggestions? Answer...

Q: My teacher keeps telling me to “picture this in your mind’s eye.” Well I can’t picture anything in my mind’s eye. She said, ‘pull up a picture of a dog in your brain.’ I tried. I know what a dog is when I see one but couldn’t see it or a cat or even the piano keyboard with my eyes closed. Is something wrong with me?” Answer...

Q: Do you think cellular memory has anything to do with problems of equality? Answer...

Q: I met someone who has huge potential and fell in love. Several years have gone by and I am really not being treated very well. When he is in a good mood he is a delightful human being. However, I never know when he will be abusively unkind or rude or use abusive language or  ignore me for days at a time or accuse me of stressing him out. I thought love conquered all. Do I need to give up? Answer...

Q: The national plea for equality has made me think about equality in a new way. Recently, I had a bad reaction to a medication. My nephew, in graduate school, did some research and discovered that it had only been tested on males—so how it would impact females was unknown. I think that is inequality for women regardless of their skin tones. What do you know about this? Equality needs to be recognized for all races and skin tones and gender—PLUS I think it is a much larger problem than that. Please comment. Answer...

Q: Recently I was volunteering with a large group of individuals in a special recovery program who had escaped from having been trafficked. Many healed from that trauma, learned new strategies and moved on with their lives. There is, however, a small group that seem to “want their cake and eat it too.” I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s like they want someone to “fix” the fact that they had been trafficked, while at the same time they proudly wear a victim badge, rehearsing their story endlessly and feeding off others feeling sorry for them. They are uninterested in even hearing about anyone else’s trauma, as if they don’t want their issue diluted or someone to step on their mojo (as another person put it), It is as if they are “happy” being “sad.” Answer...

Q: I just heard that remaining optimistic and hopeful could have a positive impact on post-stroke cases. Can that possibly be real? Answer...

More Q&A with Dr. Taylor...

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Point to Ponder

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.
–Steve Jobs

This is one of the most impactful statements I have ever read—especially in light of health and longevity, disease and stress, and individual brain bent. Every brain is unique and how long it functions and at what level can be impacted by many factors. Each human being only knows its own brain (and often not very well, at that). Many human beings also tend to think they know how someone else should live his or her life. To the extent that this opinion aligns with the other person’s brain bent, it may be helpful. To the extent that it does not align, the result can be stress, unhappiness, a tendency to try to cope using dysfunctional options (e.g., tobacco, alcohol, other drugs or behaviors), lack of success, and a shortened lifespan.

Figure out who you are in terms of brain function. What does your brain do well and easily in terms of energy expenditure. Follow a path that matches your bent. To do otherwise means you are trying to live someone else’s life…people tend to be most successful long term when they are living their own brain bent.

It is always easy to live your own brain bent? Not on your life! There will be thousands who can tell you what they think you are doing wrong or are incapable of doing for every person who may encourage you. If I had listened to those who more often than not told me what I could not do, I would have done very little if anything with my life.

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