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June/July 2021

Dear family and friends,

Hello from Côte d'Ivoire!

The rainy season is upon us, and that means blessedly cool temperatures and cooler breezes. It is heavenly! It seems like we're getting significantly less rain than we did this time last year, but it is still a refreshing change from the relentless tropical heat. The girls love to play in the rain and have had several opportunities to do so in recent weeks! In fact, one day we all got caught in the pouring rain, so we decided we might as well enjoy it since we were already soaked through. We made some fun family memories that day!

The month of June was a whirlwind of construction activity. We were expecting visitors at the beginning of July, so we were scrambling to try to get the upstairs finished so that we could move upstairs and free up our guest apartment downstairs. We had a lot of tiling done, both downstairs and upstairs, and a lot of painting done upstairs. Our ceiling in the upper level was also handmade and installed. Unfortunately, it wasn't ready in time, but we squished into my library so that the guests could have the guest apartment and the schoolroom (which also has a spare bed in it). 

Our visitors arrived the first week of July and were with us for a week. Seth was going to drive to Abidjan to pick them up from the airport, stay overnight in the city, and then drive back down the next day. Things did not go according to plan, however. The morning he left, it began to rain very hard. and since we were missing an overhang on one window, the rain ran down the outside wall and in through the window, even with the window closed. (They don't seal the way American windows do.) So, long story short, our house was FLOODED. The water made a circle through the house, hitting almost every room downstairs. It was impossible to stop it from coming in, so the best I could hope for was to slow it down with lots of towels. After the rain slowed/stopped, I began the long, hard task of cleaning everything up. I used every towel I had available, plus some clothing. Soaking and wringing, and repeat. I ended up wringing out enough water to fill an approximately four-gallon bucket by the time I was done. I had called Seth while it was raining and he decided to come home and help me. He was already two hours away, but he got back in time to help me finish moving some toys/furniture and finish drying the water up. 

We are so grateful to Bob Mach, a missionary in Abidjan, for coming to our visitors' rescue! His son picked them up from the airport, and they saw them to their hotel. The next morning our visitors boarded a bus and headed to Sassandra. The next day began a three-day seminar on music, which was hosted by Seth and taught by our visitors. The seminar was open to anyone, so pastors from all over the country came to attend. A couple of churches in the area also participated. Seth tinks that everything went very well and believes the teaching and preaching were very valuable. It was well-received, and we're thankful we had the opportunity to host it. 

We also celebrated our sweet Eden's birthday on the 4th of July! It was her golden birthday, and she turned four years old. We enjoyed a small "party" that evening with some yummy cake and a few presents we'd been saving. We are thankful for our girl, and that God in His mercy allowed her to see another year! 

Left: Joël and Diomande listening to Seth share the Gospel
Right: Seth and Marc, a 12-year-old young man who was saved recently
Several people have asked Jesus to be their Savior in recent months! Seth has written a note for me to include here, detailing some of those precious stories:
The fruit we have been privileged to harvest these past two months has also been a huge encouragement and joy! 8 souls chose to trust Christ! Each story is precious and exciting and unique but we don’t want to take the space here to tell each. If you want to read them, they are on our FaceBook page. Two stories in particular though that stirred my heart were the salvation of Joël and that of Michou. 
Joël was invited to church Saturday and came the next day. He and our plumber, Diomande, were the only ones there for Sunday school and they both got saved! It was definitely of God how He prevented all others from coming on time so they were able to have a very Gospel lesson. He demonstrated an eagerness to grow and by a week from his conversion, he had memorized nearly 25 verses and kept coming around wanting to learn and grow. He came on visitation, to our midweek kids' club, and to our Bible Study Thursday evening too! 
Michou got saved in San Pedro. Every month I travel to San Pedro usually at least twice to check up on my dad’s ministry while he is on furlough in the States. The last time I went, I decided to visit one of the faithful youth of my dad’s church on Saturday to encourage him. He had failed for the second time his big test ("le Bach"), which permits him to graduate from high school. I learned that this year in Cote d’Ivoire only 28% of the students who took this test passed. After encouraging him, he told me of his friend, Michou, who also comes to church who had also failed. We went to visit him and I encouraged him and shared the Gospel. Sunday, He and another youth, Selom, stayed after church and got saved!
As always, we are so thankful for your prayers and support. We could not be here if it weren't for all of you! We hope that you enjoy the rest of your summer, and that God will continue to bless and provide for each of you and your churches.

Happy in His service,
Seth, Paige, Eden, and Zion Cuthbertson

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