and its 98 & 95 point rated stablemates!

Happy Saturday Folks,  This is big.  Today we have Halliday's 2022 Wine of the Year, the 2019 Yarra Yering Dry Red No. 1.  Yarra Yering was also awarded Halliday Wine Companion's Winery of the Year, the first time I can recall a producer winning both awards in the same year.

If you've followed the progress of the Yarra Yering over the past decade, these accolades may not surprise.  Since joining Yarra Yering as Chief Winemaker in 2013, Sarah Crowe has improved the quality of the Yarra Yering wines year on year and her efforts were recognised when she was awarded the industry's most prestigious winemaking honours - Halliday Wine Companion Winemaker of the Year Award in 2017 and later on, Gourmet Traveller Winemaker of the Year Award in 2021.

The consistently exceptional quality of the Yarra Yering wines is exemplified by its flagship Bordeaux blend, the Dry Red No. 1.  Since its 2015 vintage, every release of this wine has received at least 96 points from the critics at Halliday Wine Companion, Wine Front and The Real Review.
"This is mesmerising ... Wow - what a wine." 
Wine of the Year.  98 points, Jane Faulkner, Halliday Wine Companion

"Long, long carry; a trace of sappiness in the tannins.  A very fine wine indeed." 
96 points, Huon Hooke, The Real Review
The 2019 vintage heralds a new high watermark for this prestigious Yarra Valley cabernet blend, with Tyson Stelzer and Jane Faulkner from Halliday Wine Companion rating it 99 and 98 points respectively before winning Wine of the Year.

At the risk of stating the bleeding obvious, demand will outstrip supply. Limited quantities available, if you'd like to secure some, suggest you get in quick.  Please note there is a 3 bottle per customer limit in place - please respect this limit when ordering.  Thanks.

Yarra Yering Dry Red No. 1 2019

Wine of the Year - Halliday Wine Companion
99 points - Tyson Stelzer, Wine Business Magazine
98 points - Jane Faulkner, Halliday Wine Companion
96 points - Huon Hooke, The Real Review

'Outstanding' - Langton's Classification of Australian Wine

"67/15/12/6% cabernet sauvignon/merlot/malbec/petit verdot.  The first plantings at YY into block No 1 were these cabernet and malbec vines, hence the name.  Some merlot was interplanted with the cabernet and subsequent plantings in 1990 from a newly acquired neighbouring site.  Petit verdot is only grown on the hillside of the new territories.  All hand harvested and sorted, only the very best berries go into this wine.  Cabernet berries sorted individually before crushed.  Merlot, malbec and petit verdot are whole-berry ferments.  All fermented in half-tonne fermenters, hand plunged twice daily.  Some of the cabernet spends more time on skins.  Components are kept separate in French oak 40% new, 15 months all up then blended just before bottling.  This is mesmerising.  Do take time to bask in its fragrance – all floral and spicy with some aniseed and fresh herbs.  Enjoy the poised fruit flavours of blackberries, mulberries and a hint of blueberries coated in spicy oak and tethered to the body of the wine.  Pulsing acidity and beautiful tannin structure shape this and offer a promise of more to come in time.  Wow – what a wine."  98pts, Jane Faulkner, Halliday Wine Companion 

"Deep, bright red/purple hues.  The bouquet is superbly fresh and bright, showing violets, briar, cassis, cedar and crushed-leaf cabernet aromas.  The palate is very elegant and balanced, also very intense.  Oak is barely discernible.  Long, long carry; a trace of sappiness in the tannins.  A very fine wine indeed."  96pts, Huon Hooke, The Real Review

Please note there is a 3 bottle per customer limit in place - please respect this limit when ordering.  Thanks.
Yarra Yering Dry Red No. 1 2019 is $145.00 - Buy Now

Yarra Yering Dry Red No. 2 2019

98 points - Jane Faulkner, Halliday Wine Companion
97 points - Huon Hooke, The Real Review
97 points - Tyson Stelzer, Wine Business Magazine
Excellent - Langton's Classification of Australian Wine

Shiraz from vines planted in 1969, co-fermented with minute proportions of Viognier (3%), and Mataro  (1%) from vines planted from 1984 to 1995.  

"It’s easy to be bowled over by this wine’s beauty, from its bright colour to its heady fragrance of violets, Middle Eastern spices, fresh currants and blue fruits.  Then magic happens.  It is superfine, graced with perfectly formed silky tannins.  The oak is seamlessly integrated, then flavours builds across the barely medium-bodied palate.  While there’s a lightness of touch, it’s layered and complex.  A complete wine full of style, elegance and substance.”  98pts, Jane Faulkner, Halliday Wine Companion 

"Very youthful purple colour with crimson at the core, the bouquet similarly youthful and bright, with spicy, meaty-charcuterie, confit cherry and gentle oak-char aromas of great character.  Some floral grace notes emerge with time in the glass.  The wine is full-bodied yet very elegant, with an effortlessness to its drive and intensity, without heaviness or excessive grip.  Long, long carry.  A lovely, graceful wine that drinks well already but will surely last a couple of decades."  97pts, Huon Hooke, The Real Review

Yarra Yering Dry Red No. 2 2019 is $115.00 - Buy Now
Yarra Yering Dry White No. 1 2019

"A finishing fuzz of phenolics adds an extra dimension to the endless length." 

Stuart Knox, The Real Review

A white blend of 65% Semillon and 35% Chardonnay, sourced from a dry grown block south of Underhill Vineyard. 

"Light but intense lemon-yellow hue. Vibrant nose of crushed shells and lemongrass. The palate intensity is immediately noted, volume across the full spectrum is turned right up. Intense lemongrass, yellow flowers and sea minerals meld together whilst firm but poised acids drive everything long into the finish. A finishing fuzz of phenolics adds an extra dimension to the endless length."  95pts, Stuart Knox, The Real Review

"65/35% semillon/chardonnay.  A wine that's driven by crisp, piercing acidity.  Bracingly fresh, with all manner of citrus flavours and nuances, racy and linear.  More stuffing is needed – time will probably do just that, by plumping out the palate." 92pts, Jane Faulkner, Wine Companion

Yarra Yering Dry White No. 1 2019 is $55.00 - Buy Now
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Santa & D'Sas 'Valentino' Sangiovese 2016

Best Wine of the Show - Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show
Best Red Wine - Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show
Best Red Italian Variety - Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show

"Most Australian sangioveses are made from a single clone of the grape, and released young. The fact there are so many clones of sangiovese in this blend, plus the longer-than-usual time spent in barrel and bottle, have produced a classic example of the variety that has both super-complex fruit flavours and savoury maturity. Deeply autumnal red cherry and dried leaf aromatics, a touch of meaty, even bloody development, but really lively and vivid on the tongue with more red fruit, a twist of almond and grippy tannin. Decant into a rustic wine jug an hour or so before serving for best effect."  Max Allen.  AFR.

"This is an arresting sangiovese. Dense, rich, quite profound, with some forward development and attractive mellowness. Smoked charcuterie, balsamic herbs, mellow fruit aromas and flavours. Savoury and intriguing, the tannins abundant but supple. Excellent."  Top New Release Australian Reds.  Gourmet Traveller Wine.

"Medium to deep red to brick-red colour, with some development which shows in the bouquet as well as colour. It's mellow and complex, savoury and intriguing, with some smoked charcuterie notes and deep-buried red fruits of considerable concentration. Balsamic herbs, too. The tannins are ample and supple. This is rich and dense and quite profound: a very smart wine and very inviting"  Huon Hooke.

This hails from the famed Greenstone Vineyard, a bastion of early Heathcote experimentation. Rich and loaded with bitter chocolate, quality oak vanillas and coffee bean as they meld with the abundant tannic cage of Sangiovese, this is a rich sheath of dark fruit flavours and root spices, slung across a herbal undercarriage. The carapace of astringency and acidity keeps it on the straight and narrow.  Ned Goodwin MW.   James Halliday Wine Companion.
Santa & D'Sas 'Valentino' Sangiovese 2016 is $24.99 - Buy Now
Giant Steps Applejack Pinot Noir 2020
98 points & Top 100. James Halliday 
Ranked #1 2020 Pinot Noir from Yarra Valley 

"The clarity, the purity, the elegance and the perfume that the Upper Yarra Valley Applejack Vineyard brings to the party is immediately recognisable. Equally insistent is the sheer power of the red fruits and spices hidden by the light colour of the cloak.   98 points & Top 100. James Halliday 

Bright, medium to full red/purple colour with a sweetly raspberry-like aroma, a lovely fragrant perfume. Rose petals and pot-pourri. Light to medium-weighted, with a fine sheen of tannins contributing a nicely tailored firmness to the structure. A wine of real finesse. (A higher altitude site but the soils are grey clays usually found in the lowest parts of the valley."  Rating: 96 Points.   Ranked #1 of 26 2020 Pinot Noir from Yarra Valley.  Huon Hooke (The Real Review)
Giant Steps Applejack Pinot Noir 2020 is $65.99 - Buy Now
Mount Mary Quintet 2019

"this is one of the greatest wines produced in Australia, if not the world"  Gary Walsh.

"A Yarra Valley First Growth!  100 Points, Nick Stock

"Cabernet Sauvignon 44%, Merlot 30%, Cabernet Franc 16%, Malbec 5%, Petit Verdot 5%. It’s no news flash, but for me, this is one of the greatest wines produced in Australia, if not the world.  My word. Head-spinning perfume, pencils and spice, rich deep dark berry flavour, aniseed and almond paste. Medium-bodied, density delivered with effortless elegance, delicious nutty chew to its carpet of ripe tannin, a mix of red and black fruits, and an exotic character to a finish of outstanding length. Incredible."  Rating: 97 Points.  Gary Walsh.

"This is a great Quintet, one of the best in fact. Here’s a wine that combines such elegance, power and polish to a level seen in the best wines of Bordeaux in the best vintages. Aromas of blueberries, cassis and mulberries are framed in cedar and fresh, leafy cabernet tones, as well as violets and forest wood. Some subtle oak spice here, too. The palate is so seamlessly layered with ultra-fine tannins that carry pristine blueberry, redcurrant and blackcurrant flavours. Concentrated, with pitch-perfect balance. Acidity imbues the finish with freshness and vitality. So elegant and unwavering. A Yarra Valley First Growth! Delicious now, but try from 2027 and for a decade after that." - 100 Points, Nick Stock,
Mount Mary Quintet 2019 is $199- Buy Now
"Dominic Torzi and Tim Freeland consistently produce two suites of incredibly cheap, very high-quality, honest-to-goodness brands, Old Plains and Longhop..." Phillip White

Longhop Old Vine Grenache 2021
"It’s an excellent wine that’s choc full of character."

 93 points, Gary Walsh, The Wine Front

"New packaging for a fine vintage in South Australia.  Sort of hazelnut and sage in browned butter sort of thing, raspberry and macerated cherry.  It has a savoury nutty character, cherry pip and plump red fruits, a fine and firm grain to tannin, plenty of flavour, and lots of chew and grip to a nice long finish, and also, more than a little dried rose perfume too.  Wholesome and tasty, wheaty and good.  It’s an excellent wine that’s choc full of character."  93 points, Gary Walsh, WineFront

Longhop Old Vine Grenache 2021 is $16.99 - Buy Now
Longhop Ravine Riesling 2021
 "A very strong buy recommendation for drinking now, or over the next few years." 94 points, Gary Walsh, The Wine Front

"Well look at this would you. A Longhop Riesling, with fancy packaging too.  Juicy, bath salts perfume, green apple and lime leaf.  It has grip and lovely texture, a little bit savoury, a little bit fun, a fine chalky texture, all this grip and perfume, with again the apple and lemon zest bitterness carrying it long.  Delightful.  Fleshy and flavoursome.  A very strong buy recommendation for drinking now, or over the next few years."  94 points, Gary Walsh,  The Wine Front

Longhop Ravine Riesling 2021 is $16.99 - Buy Now
Swinney Farvie Grenache 2020

Tasted over three days and each time it revealed something new and exciting. It is rare to see a genre redefined, yet here it is.” 99 points, Ray Jordan, The West Australian

“The first results of [the] collaboration are fantastic: the grenache, in particular, tastes like no other Australian example of this variety and will change perceptions of the Frankland region...” Max Allen, Australian Financial Review

“A new name to reckon with. The Swinneys aren’t new to vines but the recently launched brand amazed us with its formidable quality… the top reds, named Farvie, are shockingly good.” Huon Hooke, The Real Review

“The combination of subtle floral perfumes and more rustic slightly herb and ferrous aromas is engaging.  The mouthfeel and palate take this wine into a heady zone with the chalky mouthfeel and fruit intensity working harmoniously.  There is a distinct ferrous ironstone character with that slightly wild influence that comes from the small amount of naturally fermented mourvedre.  Tasted over three days and each time it revealed something new and exciting.  It is rare to see a genre redefined, yet here it is.”  99 points, Ray Jordan, The West Australian
Swinney Farvie Grenache 2020 is $149 -Buy Now
Swinney Farvie Syrah 2020

"This is a monumental wine..." 97 points. Halliday Wine Companion

“This is a Syrah that will make the wine world sit-up and think what is possible for this variety in Frankland River"  99 points. Ray Jordan. Wine Pilot
“An utterly gorgeous nose awaits. Ferrous, blood plum, rust, pastrami, blackberries in summer, black cherries and mulberries too. 2020 was warm and yields were low. Across the board, berries were small. An odd observation perhaps, until you encounter the tannins. This is concentrated and textured, with fine-grit tannins that shape the palate and encase the fruit. It insists on a decant as it’s tight as a drum currently – you will miss the complete spectrum of texture if you decide to wade right in. This is a monumental wine of gravitas and poise, the flavour all clustered on the back palate. I suspect we haven’t seen the best of it yet. Drink 2022–2042” 97 points, Halliday Wine Companion

“This is a Syrah that will make the wine world sit-up and think what is possible for this variety in Frankland River.  In fact, it is one of a number from several producers showing a new direction and exploration for Syrah from this region.  The typical Australian model for Shiraz has been tossed out here.  It has an incredibly deep and dense colour, and once again the regional ironstone, ferruginous character comes through.  There’s an inky pepperiness with a subtle liqueured prune character and dark chocolate notes, albeit slightly understated.  The texture and brightness of the palate is a feature.  It is also a wine that is unafraid to show its tannins.  Winemaker Rob Mann says it is inspired a lot by what is drunk in Europe.  He has adopted a similar oak regime to the Grenache and makes it in a reductive way so there is no pumping over.  The whole bunches and berries go into upright older oak vats where it is left achieving a slightly carbonic style.  Of course, all this is possible because of the fastidious approach adopted by owner Matt Swinney in the vineyard where the search is for the best bunches on the vines.  It’s an obsessive and uncompromising approach which yields just 3 tonnes to the hectare.  A wine that redefines Syrah in much the same way the Grenache has redefined that variety.” 99 points, Ray Jordan, Wine Pilot
Swinney Farvie Syrah 2020 is $149 - Buy Now

What makes this 6-Pack great is that every country and every region has a different interpretation of the variety, so you get to enjoy all types of styles.  Compare France to New Zealand, Australia to Italy, North America to South Africa.

The asking price is $205 for the box, delivered anywhere in Australia.

This Chardonnay 6-pack explores countries, regions and styles and will provide you not only with 6 great chardonnays, but a chance to understand the differences.  This 6-pack contains the following wines:

Rolando Langhe Chardonnay DOC 2020 - Italy
Oakridge 'Willowlake' Chardonnay 2019 - Australia 
Cannonball Chardonnay 2019  - America
Pierrick Laroche Chablis AC 2020  - France  
Kumeu Village Chardonnay 2021 - New Zealand  

Thelema Chardonnay 2018 - South Africa 
Chardonnay from Around The World 6-Pack is $205 - Buy Now
Tim Adams Clare Valley Riesling 2014

95 point, 8 year old Riesling for $19.99

"Sourced from a number of vineyards at various locations, this year gaining two new components: the Skilly Ridge Vineyard and a high vineyard at Penwortham.  Bright, crisp and with the hallmark Clare Valley length; lemon blossom and lemon flavour is the fulcrum for both present and future enjoyment, the zesty finish another plus."  95 points, James Halliday

"Lovely fragrant wine with kaffir lime leaf, juicy lime fruit and a subtle blossom perfume.  Fresh and flavoursome, no hard edges to be found, yet well etched with clean flinty acidity, as is the Tim Adams way. Has length and a juicy floral finish.  Great to drink."  94 points, Gary Walsh, WineFront

Tim Adams Riesling 2014 is $19.99 - Buy Now
Good quality Bordeaux for well under $30 is as rare as hen's teeth - you need a really good vintage, just like the 2016.  This falls squarely into no-brainer territory for Bordeaux lovers.
Chateau Meillac Bordeaux Superieur Fronsac 2016

"Dominated by 85% Merlot, this classic right bank Bordeaux blend is packed with juicy fruit characters and wild blackberry; some notes of fresh tobacco and spice confirm that the wine has matured gracefully and is slowly reaching its ideal drinking time. It is generous and structured; the fleshy tannins carry the fruit to a very respectable length. Note that the ripe tannins help the wine keeping its poise in an open bottle for 48h, in fact it opens to a new range of characters, no small feat indeed."  Loïc Le Calvez, Wine Truth
Chateau Meillac Bordeaux Superieur Fronsac 2016 is $25.99 - Buy Now
Lake Breeze Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

The Cheapest 97 Point Cabernet in the 2022 Wine Companion!

"The epitome of signature Langhorne Creek cabernet. The quality of the fruit is in evident from the outset. It's matured for 20 months in French oak, 40% new, yet this is subservient to the black/blueberry aromas and flavours, some regional dark choc-mint adding a tiny whiff behind. Everything knits together perfectly and the varietal tannin structures lie in exact tune with the whole. When it works so well, wines like this just come alive."  Rating: 97 Points.  The Wine Companion.
Lake Breeze Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 is $24.90- Buy Now
Exploration Pinot Noir 6-pack

One of our most popular offers over the past year has been our Exploration Pinot Noir 6-pack - and I firmly believe that this new edition is our best yet.  For me, this 6-pack has everything - small, unheard of producers, highly awarded and sought after wines and wines you can have on a weekday without feeling guilty. 

This 6-pack contains the following wines:

Sidewood Estate Pinot Noir 2020
97 points & Pinot Noir of the Year, Winestate Magazine
Trophy - Best Pinot Noir of Show, Adelaide Hills Wine Show 2021

Rochford Terre Pinot Noir 2019 
98 points.  "A supremely elegant and expressive wine that flows joyously along the palate and into the long aftertaste."  James Halliday

Quealy Campbell & Christine Pinot Noir 2019 
94 points  "Juicy and zesty and framed by its medium-bodied palate and velvety tannins. A delicious drink."  Jane Faulkner, Halliday Wine Companion
93 points.  "Flavoursome, fresh and energetic. A silky feel to the undercoat too. Lovely stuff."  Mike Bennie, WineFront

Harewood Estate 'Denmark' Pinot Noir 2021
"There are plenty of more expensive Pinots out there that fail to measure up to this one."  Ken Garret.

Bass River '1835' Pinot Noir 2021
A great follow up to the all conquering 2018 vintage which won 3 trophies at the Gippsland Wine Show.  Bass River is one of the more established Gippsland producers with mature vineyards of 20+ years in age.

Spence Geelong Pinot Noir 2018
94 points.  "This is a well muscled pinot with a mix of savoury and spicy notes threaded through plum/black cherry fruit..."  James Halliday
Exploration Pinot Noir 6-pack is $195 - Buy Now
Nick O'Leary Riesling 2021
Winner of 4 trophies at the 2021 Canberra & Regions Wine Show:
  • Best Canberra District Riesling
  • Best Riesling
  • Best White Wine
  • Champion Wine of Show
Aromatics of white flowers, apple blossom and citrus. The palate is generous with a powerful mix of Granny Smith apple and freshly squeezed lime. The mouth-watering natural acidity leads to a pristine palate of balance and length.
Nick O'Leary Riesling 2021 is $22.50 - Buy Now
Lightfoot ‘Myrtle Point Vineyard’ Rosé 2021

Winner Trophy for Best Rosé - Gippsland Wine Show 2021

"It has texture, refreshing acidity throughout and finishes dry. Quite enchanting."  Jane Faulkner, Halliday Wine Companion

As with Nick O'Leary, Lightfoot is a family owned and a consistently awarded winery.  It's a past recipient of Halliday's Wine Companion's Dark Horse award and is noted as "One of the “Best Wineries of the Regions” + “5 black stars”.

The 2021 Rosé won the Trophy for Best Rosé at the 2021 Gippsland Wine Show and comes with a strong review in the Halliday Wine Companion.  

"Made from 60% pinot noir, the remainder shiraz. Starts with an enticing pale copper-salmon colour then offers a floral bouquet with spice and squishy raspberries. It has texture, refreshing acidity throughout and finishes dry. Quite enchanting."  93 points, Jane Faulkner, Halliday Wine Companion
Lightfoot ‘Myrtle Point Vineyard’ Rosé 2021 is $21.99 - Buy Now
Longhop Shiraz 2020

"This is the pick of the current Longhop crop of reds, well, this and that excellent 2020 Barossa Merlot"  Gary Walsh.

"This is the pick of the current Longhop crop of reds, well, this and that excellent 2020 Barossa Merlot.  Blackberry, dark chocolate, liquorice, toast and spice. Full-bodied, full of dark fruit and dark chocolate, but also, imagine, some black pepper! Tannin is firm and grainy, it’s warm and generous, but keeps itself tidy all up, and has a fleshy finish of good length. Hearty and full of character."  Gary Walsh, The Wine Front.
Longhop Shiraz 2020 is $16.99 - Buy Now
Longhop Pinot Gris 2021
"Excellent"  Rating: 92 points.  Gary Walsh
"From a dolce sedicenne year old vineyard in Forreston, Adelaide Hills.  Attractive pink tinge here. Musk and nashi pear, fine powdery and pear skin texture, fair bit of perfume, gentle charm and blanched almond flavour on clean finish of fine length. Excellent."  Rating: 92 points.  Gary Walsh
"Light bronze wine with lovely aromas of pears and delicate varietal fruit flavours with bright acidity."  Winestate Magazine.
Longhop Pinot Gris 2021 is $16.99 - Buy Now
Longhop Merlot 2020

"Interesting. Bold. Strangely attractive. I like it."  Gary Walsh

"Great value here"  Stuart Knox. The Real Review

"excellent 2020 Barossa Merlot"  Gary Walsh.

"A new wine from Longhop, and a Barossa Valley Merlot, no less.  Chocolate, hazelnut, dried herbs, mocha and vanilla, black fruit. It’s thick and full-bodied, dried raspberry and chocolate, a pleasant bitterness to it, thick tannin, plenty of chew and grip, and a panforte spicy finish of good length. Interesting. Bold. Strangely attractive. I like it."  Gary Walsh.  The Winefront.

"Medium intense ruby-red colour with a purple rim. Plums, rosemary, and iodine aromas. A full-bodied red that shows good dark fruit concentration matched to dark earthy savoury notes. Firm, sandy tannins control the fruit well and provide good focus to drive quite a long finish. Great value here"  Rating: 92.  Stuart Knox. The Real Review.
Longhop Merlot 2020 is $16.99 - Buy Now
West Cape Howe Regional Range Tempranillo 2020

Ranked #6 of 39 2020 Tempranillo from Australia
The Real Review

"An impressive tempranillo and well priced."  Huon Hooke.

"Deep, dark, brooding purple/red colour, the bouquet very rich, ripe and dark-fruited. The same flavours carry through to the mouth, where it's full-bodied and firm but balanced in the tannin department, the finish long and seriously structured. An impressive tempranillo and well priced." Top Value.  Huon Hooke.  The Real Review.
West Cape Howe Regional Range Tempranillo 2020 is $19.99 - Buy Now

Luke Lambert Crudo Rosé 2021

Complex, seductive, yet vibrant and lip-smackingly delicious - that pretty much sums up Luke Lambert's Crudo Rosé. This year's wine is 100% Denton Syrah. The fruit was picked early and whole-bunch pressed before the cloudy juice was sent to tank for a wild ferment and wild malo before storage in 4,000-litre French oak foudre. Bottled, as usual, without filtration and with minimal sulphur.

The result is a beautifully savoury expression that, according to its maker, is a "...similar wine to the 2019, perhaps with greater subtlety and perfume thanks to the excellent long and slow growing season".

So, an incredibly moreish rosé with talc, river stone and wild strawberry lift. Cracking value!
Luke Lambert Crudo Rosé 2021 is $26.95 - Buy Now

Luke Lambert Crudo Chardonnay 2021

As per all the 2021 Crudo releases, the Chardonnay comes off the Denton block, a northwest-facing slope of granitic sand over heavy granite boulders. As usual, this was whole-bunch pressed, wild-yeast fermented with no temperature control, saw full malo and old oak (2,000-litre French oak foudre), then zero fining or filtration and only minimal sulphur at bottling.

Luke calls his 2021 a "citrus and talc driven version that will unwrap with more texture over the next six months".  It's already in the Lambert zone, glistening with the pristine, tangy vibrancy of this benign, cooler vintage.
Luke Lambert Crudo Chardonnay 2021 is $27.99 - Buy Now
TarraWarra Estate Cellar Release Reserve Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2012
97 Points. James Halliday, Top 100 Wines 2021

If you wish to see the extreme length and longevity of Yarra Valley chardonnay, go no further. This lovely self-possessed wine is on its plateau of perfection, and will hold its form for years (5+) to come. The freshness of its finish and lingering aftertaste is its ace-in-the-hole.97 Points.  James Halliday, Top 100 Wines 2021.
TarraWarra Estate Cellar Release Reserve Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2012 is $59 - Buy Now

Pieropan Soave Classico 2020

Benchmark Soave Classico!

"Lime and slate on the nose with some pretty, fresh floral notes, too. Medium body with very good balance and tension and persistent fruit.  Refined and compact expression. From organically grown grapes." James Suckling (James Suckling)

The 2020 Pieropan Soave Classico is a brilliant straw yellow color with greenish hints. The delicate nose is reminiscent of almond blossoms and marzipan. Good depth of fruit on the palate, nicely balanced by a zingy acidity that enhances its long length.
Pieropan Soave Classico 2020 is $31.99 - Buy Now

Wickhams Road Gippsland Pinot Noir 2021

#1 of 17 2021 Pinot Noir from Victoria.  The Real Review

"a very complete, complex wine that is outstanding value." Aaron Brasher.

"Really good. "  Gary Walsh
"Bright and youthful in the glass. Aromas of dark cherry, raspberry, sap, spice and brambly fruit. Textured, layered and long, plenty of dark cherry, earthiness and spice. There’s real weight and flesh to the fruit flavour. Textured, chalky tannins and lively acidity make for a very complete, complex wine that is outstanding value."  Aaron Brasher.  #1 of 17 2021 Pinot Noir from Victoria.  The Real Review

"Cherry and spice, a little sweet earthiness, and a pleasing amount of fragrance. Medium-bodied, cherry and raspberry, fine dense powdery tannin, a gentle sort of succulence and long fleshy finish. Really good."  Rated: 92 Points. Gary Walsh. The Wine Front
Wickhams Road Gippsland Pinot Noir 2021 is $18.95 - Buy Now

Bannockburn Pinot Noir 2019
97 points  James Halliday
96 Points  Huon Hooke

"The palate is rich and full, with loads of detail and nuance, heaps of interest" 
Huon Hooke

"Primarily clone MV6 planted in 1976; 20% whole bunch, matured in Troncais hogheads (25% new) for 10 months. Bright colour; the bouquet fragrant to the point of perfumed: violets, rose petals, earth and forest floor, dark cherry/ berry at the core; long, lingering savoury finish, drink to 2039." 97 points - James Halliday - The Weekend Australian

"Medium red colour with tints of purple and black, the bouquet char-oaky, smoky, stemmy and bunchy, and more appealing than that may sound. The palate is rich and full, with loads of detail and nuance, heaps of interest, the palate full and rich, round and very fruit-sweet at the core, with Campari, balsamic herbs—the full whole-bunch deal. Long finish, too. A satisfying pinot. Good value, too." 96 points- Huon Hooke - The Real Review
Bannockburn Pinot Noir 2019 is $56.95 - Buy Now
Whispering Angel Rosè 2020

"The results are truly staggering. It appeals from the moment it is poured into your glass...'' Matthew Jukes

"Deliciously creamy and smooth. Drink and enjoy."  
James Suckling

"The wine is ripe, full of strawberry flavors and crisp acidity. A tangy, zesty texture brings in citrus and a touch of minerality. This is an immediately attractive wine to drink now."  Wine Enthusiast Magazine 

 "Very pale apricot-pink color. Delicate aromas of sliced apple, pink grapefruit, peach, cream and stones follow through to a medium body and crisp acidity. Deliciously creamy and smooth. Drink and enjoy."  James Suckling
Whispering Angel Provence Rose 2020 is $38.99 -Buy Now
This Reds Half Bottle 6-Pack contains one bottle each of the following wine

Yabby Lake Red Claw Pinot Noir 2019 

Heathcote Estate Single Vineyard Shiraz 2016
Salomon Estate Finniss River Shiraz 2016 
Cascina Chicco Langhe Nebbiolo DOC 2019 

Chateau Teyssier Saint Émilion Grand Cru 2018
Moss Wood Amy’s 2019 

Super Reds Half Bottle 6-Pack is $127.99 - Buy Now
This Super Whites Half Bottle 6-Pack contains one bottle each of the following wine:

Red Claw Pinot Gris 2018

Pascal Revedy Sancerre 2020 
Pierrick Laroche Chablis 2019 
Red Claw Chardonnay 2019  
Brokenwood Semillon 2021 
Dandelion Eden Valley Riesling 2021 
Super White Half Bottle 6-Pack is $115.99 - Buy Now
Giant Steps Yarra Valley Pinot Noir 2021

"Delicious right out of the gate, this medium-bodied and refreshing wine will age well too."  Philip Rich, Halliday Wine Companion

"Red fruit, spice, a little pepper, something of a blood orange/ Campari character too."  Gary Walsh, WineFront

"A very bright, light–medium crimson red.  A gentle waft of fresh raspberries and cranberries, with just the right amount of spice-rack spices.  Delicious right out of the gate, this medium-bodied and refreshing wine will age well too.  The perfect introduction to modern Yarra pinot."  96pts, Philip Rich, Halliday Wine Companion

"Red fruit, spice, a little pepper, something of a blood orange/Campari character too. It’s slightly sappy, red cherry and spiced strawberry, again that blood orange flavour and some savoury ‘autumnal’ character. Tannin has light emery grip, and the finish is juicy/sweet/sour and slightly bitter, offering solid length. Good drink. Better again with a little more time in bottle."  93pts, Gary Walsh, WineFront

Giant Steps Yarra Valley Pinot Noir 2021 is $34.90 - Buy Now
Giant Steps Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2021

"Flavour, crunch, gloss, and all up a Chardonnay of fine balance and appeal"   Gary Walsh, WineFront
2021 was a terrific vintage for both vineyard quality and quantity, a wet spring followed by a healthy amount of sunshine and some well timed rain in January, leading to large green healthy canopies.  The overall temperature during the growing season was lower than average which led to a long slow ripening period and great concentration of flavours and natural acidity.

"A blend of Sexton, Tarraford, Applejack, Primavera and Wombat Creek vineyards. 15% new oak (puncheons). About 10% malo.  Flavour, crunch, gloss, and all up a Chardonnay of fine balance and appeal. White peach, almond, a little fennel and lime, fine acidity, flinty texture, a cool cucumber thing happening, and clean, with a well-defined finish of excellent length. Very good in 2021."  94pts, Gary Walsh, WineFront
Giant Steps Yarra Valley Chardonnay is $34.90 Buy Now
Wild Duck Creek "White Duck" 2021

"Insane value at price.  A triumph"  
"A textural feast. A really serious white wine"

Mike Bennie

"This one is marsanne, viognier, roussanne, grenache blanc, and, contrary to Wild Duck Creek’s metier, very much a white wine. Insane value at price. A triumph.

A textural feast. A really serious white wine. Slick, concentrated and rich but with cut of acidity and a mealy, nutty savouriness lending additional complexity and interest. There’s waxy lemon notes, ripe apple, halva, nougat, faint honeycomb and lots of refreshing green apple character here. Flavours linger forever, almost sticky on the palate but acidity does the trick of refreshment too. Perfume is strong. It sits in the glass with authority and interest and has you hounding at your bottle for more. Reminds me of those great, Australian white blends you drink now and in twenty years. Fancy. Superb stuff."  95pts, Mike Bennie, The Wine Front.

Wild Duck Creek "White Duck" 2021 is $29.99 - Buy Now
Sutton Grange Estate Syrah 2018
Best Shiraz
 Best Red of Show
Best Small Producer

Sydney Royal Wine Show 2021
"Hand-picked in small batches from the best sections of the vineyard, fermented separately, building a wine with 15% whole bunch, 85% whole berry. Open-fermented, with an average of 9 days on skins, matured for 18 months in French oak (25% new). It's medium-bodied, but offers a multiplicity of flavours, texture and structure; the fruit ripened a point, filling the mouth and very long palate. (97)"  James Halliday, Wine Companion

I visited Sutton Grange around this time last year, which seems like a lifetime ago, and tasted through the wines with winemaker Melanie Chester. Just before I tasted this wine, which is now current, my notes say: “Melanie is on to every single thing in every single wine”. She spoke at length on every wine, noting every pro, every con. She’s a revelation. Sutton Grange got very lucky the day she walked through the door.

I’m tasting this wine again today but my first words from that tasting last year were: “Oh boy the fruit is to die for. Blue fruits and woodsy spice, maybe some twigs, a solid serve of spice. Florals abound.” It’s hugely expressive on the nose, some of which smells of swish new oak, but the palate is where it really comes alive. It’s a boysenberried shiraz and vibrant with it, its fruitiness inherently fresh, its woodsy spice notes tucked neatly within. It’s absolutely up and about; it’s ready to rip right now, satiny texture and all.  Campbell Mattinson.  The Winefront.
Sutton Grange Estate Syrah 2018 is $54.99 - Buy Now
Aged Bordeaux Blend rated 100 points!
Craggy Range Sophia 2013
Raymond Chan 20/20 points!
"This 'Sophia' has remarkable vitality and life, with vibrant primary fruit, great richness and structure. It will age 15+ years."  Raymond Chan, 2015

Bob Campbell MW 98 points!
"Lifted aroma with pronounced plum and floral characters. A complex array of flavours on the palate including plum, dark berry, chocolate, spice and a hint of violet. Gorgeous wine with plenty of weight, a silken texture and real energy. Will be very long-lived."  Bob Campbell, 2015

Huon Hooke 96 points!
"Deep red colour with a strong purple tint. The bouquet is big on dried herbs and blackcurrant, reminding more of Cabernet than Merlot perhaps. The palate lush in blackberry, cassis fruit and soft, fine-grained tannins. The fruit ripeness is spot-on. A very stylish, polished red blend of superb balance and refinement."  Huon Hooke, 2015

Wine Front 95+ points!
"A fine-grained wine. It's as if it's been deep-etched with a fine tip. It's powerfully built, minerally, chocolatey, sliced with gravel and blackcurrant, and lifted by a variety of florals. A rumble of tannin leads the flavours into the future. A long termer, without question."  Campbell Mattinson, Wine Front 2015
Craggy Range Sophia 2013 is $124.99 - Buy Now
San Marzano Edda Bianco 2020

Absolute Best Italian White Wine
 Luca Maroni - Annuario Italiani Awards 2021

99 Points
Luca Maroni - Annuario Italiani Awards 2021

Old school Chardonnay lovers, here is your drink. This is a blend of  80% Chardonnay, 15% Moscatello Selvatico, 5% Fiano.  It spent 4 months in oak, which is just enough to give it that old world charm without the harshness so many producers released in the 80's.  This unqiue blend also has unique fully-ripened peach and floral aromatics, which are interwoven with delightful hints of freshly squeezed lime, mint and herbal complexity. Beautifully balanced, the rounded palate is beautifully styled and will be enjoyed by many chardonnay drinkers.
San Marzano Edda Bianco 2020 is $33.99 - Buy Now
Mulline Pinot Gris 2021 
#1 Pinot Gris Victoria 2021 

(The Real Review)
"Absolutely delightful, textural, medium weight white-ish wine with lots of pear drop, pear skin, fennel herbal-savouriness, a touch of radish/kohlrabi too. Excellent, faintly powdery texture, bright acidity in its midst. Persistent, savoury, shapely and serious white wine expression." Mike Bennie.  The Wine Front.

"A pale onion-skin-gold with a hint of salmon-pink at rim. Golden apples, honeysuckle, and glazed pastry aromatics. An intense wine with autumnal fruits and savoury biscuit notes throughout. A fuller style that carries that sense of presence all the way to a long finish." Stuart Knox (The Real Review) #1 of 17 Pinot Gris Victoria 2021 (as of Dec 2021).
Mulline Pinot Gris 2021 is 31.99 - Buy Now
Tamellini Soave 2020

"So charming, and lovely to drink." Gary Walsh.  The Winefront.

"I often wonder why Soave is not more popular in Australia. Good examples make such a lovely fresh drink. This one is 100% Gargamel and goes well with char-grilled Smurf. Importer: Sante

Lightly floral, almond, green pear and white peach, lemon rind, but all kind of low key in a pleasing classic dry white way. It has a fine chalky texture, slightly glossy too, but crisp, more to yellow fruit on a pretty long finish. So charming, and lovely to drink."  92 Points.  Gary Walsh.  The Winefront.

One of our favourite white wines from Italy is Soave, grown in northeastern Italy. It's fair enough to say Soave wines are better than ever and it's generally accepted that Soave producers are now making some of the best white wines in Italy. This wine from Tamellini is a very good example of Soave. Beautiful varietal notes of apricots, honey and wild flowers come together on a mid-weight frame, showing lovely clarity and a focused, energetic finish.
Tamellini Soave 2020 is $27.95 - Buy Now

John Duval Wines Eligo Shiraz 2018

"It’s a super vintage of Eligo with twenty years plus ahead of it."  Angus Hughson

"I’d buy this any day over Grange, per se."  Mike Bennie

"Is this the beginning of a long term trend towards Eden Valley for Eligo? Only time will tell. Traditionally the Barossa Valley has been the heart of this wine but in 2018 it only accounts for 30% thanks to the quality of the vintage in the higher Barossan Eden vineyards. It has certainly in this case helped to create a masterpiece. Opaque ruby, it ripples with blackberry, roasted meat, gravy and soy sauce aromas well framed by exceptional quality oak. The palate is a powerhouse of ripe, dark and plush fruits that are forceful, but not overbearing. That fruit sits over a bed of mouthcoating tannins and quite vibrant acidity while retaining a silky mouthful. Structure helps to tighten up the palate keeping focus as layers of Bay leaf and spice come into the frame on a long, seamless finish marked by pin point balance. It’s a super vintage of Eligo with twenty years plus ahead of it." Rating: 97 points.  Angus Hughson.
John Duval Wines Eligo Shiraz 2018 is $115- Buy Now
The Classic Chablis 6-Pack

Just in time for summer, we are offering a superb collection of 2019 Chablis.  However we've put in the hard yards again and bundled this collection up for a great price.

"2019 is a fine year for Chablis ... 2019 delivered highly-concentrated and complex wines with quality on show across all tiers and, while some are offering early drinking pleasure, others have long ageing potential ... lovers of the wines emanating from this cool northern outpost of Burgundy, should buy with confidence."  Decanter

Buy the Classic Chablis 6-Pack and you'll receive one each of the following wines at a discounted price:

  • Jean Dauvissat Chablis 2019
  • Maurice Tremblay Chablis 2019
  • Domaine Jean Defaix Chablis 2019
  • Pierrick Laroche Domaine des Hâtes Chablis 2019
  • Daniel Dampt Chablis 2019
  • Domaine Gautheron Chablis 2019
The Classic Chablis 6-Pack is $264 - Buy Now

Pirie Sparkling Non-Vintage

92 Points.  James Halliday, Top 100 Wines 2021

"Tasmania gets the wine off to a flying start with hand-picked chardonnay and pinot noir. The persistent bead introduces aromas of citrus, Granny Smith apple and brioche/toast, the long palate driven by vibrant, minerally acidity complexed by nuances of spice and nougat. The base wine ex ’18, 10% of museum material, and spent 2 years on lees pre-disgorgement.”  92 Points & Top 100 Wines of 2021 James Halliday
Pirie Sparkling Non-Vintage is $29 - Buy Now

Pizzini Pietra Rossa Sangiovese 2019

"Love a Sangiovese? Wrap your lips around this. Happiness comes in spades."  Steve Leszczynski

"a quite stylish and elegant, typical varietal sangiovese" Huon Hooke

"This Sangiovese is both fresh and structured"  Campbell Mattinson
"This comes from three of the best sites at Pizzini. It is surprisingly rich but retains the essential character and style of sangiovese. Dried herbs, raspberry and a deep juicy plum influence adding some palate texture. It’s medium bodied with fine chalky tannins and a lick of oak for good measure. Medium weight and good for at least 12 years." Ray Jordan

Love a Sangiovese? Wrap your lips around this. Happiness comes in spades. Softly spiced, it is a wonderful conversational wine as the light fades on the day. Highlighted by dried herbs, dark cherries and red plum fruit, the acid has some life and crunch but it's not brash. A suggestion if wallet leather lurks in the background. All elements are well managed to deliver a wine that is in the zone. Drink to five years+

More importantly the wine in the bottle is good too. This Sangiovese is both fresh and structured, it’s cherry-plum flavours complemented perfectly by notes of fresh tobacco, leather and woodsy spice notes. Lively acidity keeps the light- to medium-weight palate jumping. I particularly like the tannin here; it doesn’t get in the way but it has a bit of chew to it, always a good thing. Authentic Sangiovese, for want of a better phrase.  Rating: 92 Points. Campbell Mattinson

"Medium to full red colour with a rim of purple, the bouquet ripe and attractive with spice, dried-cherry and vanilla aromas, some dried mushroom too. Lean, dry and savoury in the mouth, a quite stylish and elegant, typical varietal sangiovese"  Huon Hooke
Pizzini Pietra Rossa Sangiovese 2019 is $26.50 - Buy Now

Our best selling 6-pack just got better!
French Rose 6-Pack is $133 - Buy Now
 There's an irresistible velvet glove-like appeal that leads to an elusive x-factor that can only come with age.
Ada River Heathcote Shiraz 2014

Hi Folks, today's offer highlights why you subscribe to the Cloudwine newsletter.  It's extraordinary.  It's a 7 year old Heathcote Shiraz drinking at its peak.  It's from a producer called Ada River and despite the age, this wine is still rather fruit driven and not overly savoury.  It's medium bodied and has velvet-like tannins and while the fruit is dark and concentrated, it's certainly not dominant.

It comes from one of the better vintages Heathcote has enjoyed, rated 8/10 by James Halliday.

Overall, there's an irresistible velvet glove-like appeal to this wine and if you purchase a dozen, you probably have 12 months or so to enjoy this wine in this fantastic stage.  And with all due respect, I think this is how the wine maker would have liked this wine to be drunk - mature, yet still showing fruit.

Just last week we were selling this at $28 per bottle and customers came back for more.  We've dropped the price to $23.90, it might turn into our biggest selling Shiraz of 2021!
Ada River Heathcote Shiraz 2014 is $23.90- Buy Now
Tim Adams Pinot Gris 2021
Light straw-yellow colour. Fresh pears and lime-juice aromas. A solid core of bright fruit and a good crunch of acidity to balance it. Good length and drive to the finish.  #2 of 24 2021 Pinot Gris from Mount Lofty Ranges.  The Real Review.

Rather than removing the naturally occurring colour from Pinot Gris, as a true expression of varietal character Tim Adams chooses to retain it in this wine. The resultant rose-gold hue complements the lifted opulent pear, lychee and white peach aromas and flavours.
Tim Adams Pinot Gris 2021 is $18.90 - Buy Now
Turkey Flat Rose 2021

Trophy – Best Rose of Show
Royal Adelaide Wine Show 2021

Trophy – Best Rose of Show
Barossa Valley Wine Show 2021

97 Points - Royal Adelaide Wine Show 2021
96 Points - Barossa Valley Wine Show 2021
95 Points - QWine reviews
94 Points - Gary Walsh

“Super classy....A simply glorious wine..." QWine reviews

" Outstanding.”  Gary Walsh, Winefront

Hi Folks, today we have one of the best Rose offers you'll receive all year.  It's the Turkey Flat Rose 2021.   There is no other Rose in Australia like this.  No other rose this year has won this many trophies, received such high scores and been described so well.  Simply, it's the Australian Rose of the Year!

With such glowing reviews, there is no way I'm not going highlight them, take a read and tell me you're not interested this this wine:
"Super classy. This sits atop the Barossa Rosé podium. So sexy on the eye, gorgeous perfume diffuse from the glass with absolute ease. A belter for 25 bucks! A glorious creaminess floods the mouth on the back of red fruits and berries which do nothing but charm. Fine spices sizzle and reach long with a crunchy factor on close. Gallons of pleasure awaits. A simply glorious wine made from that equally glorious variety – Grenache.” 95 Points. QWine reviews.

Pale but bright pink colour. There’s a little spicy, flinty, gently smoky funk over redcurrant and white cherry. Fresh and lively, just enough flavour, tight and focussed with superb fine chalky grip and engaging texture. Pink grapefruit too. And the finish is excellent, offering mouth-watering crunch, juiciness and tweak of tannin. Outstanding."  94 Points.  Gary Walsh (The Wine Front)
Turkey Flat is an outstanding and important producer.  It's one of the original wineries in Australia, founded about 174 years ago.  But what I really like?  They are in full flight.  Their wines have never been better.  Their Grenache, their Shiraz are at the very top in Australia in terms of quality.  But let's talk about this Rose.   Too often these days I'm left scratching my head wondering why so many wineries can't make beautiful Rose?   This Rose should serve as a wake-up call to those who simply make boring rose.   This has everything going for it plus a keen price of $21.99, which screams value.  Two trophies, high points, great reviews: Australia's best rose of 2021?  I think so.
Turkey Flat Rose 2021 is $21.99 - Buy Now
Fraser Gallop Parterre Cabernet Sauvignon 2018
 96 Points & Gold Decanter World Wine Awards 2021
96 Points & Special Value Wine Erin Larkin
95 Points & 5 Stars Huon Hooke
95 Points Gary Walsh
"What a gloriously seamless wine, continuing the proud legacy of Parterre”
Erin Larkin for Halliday’s Wine Companion

"an excellent wine.”
Gary Walsh

“Blackberry and boysenberry, sage and mint, fetching floral perfume, baking spice and vanilla custard oak. It’s medium-bodied with pleasing density of fruit, plenty of fine grained graphite tannin, cool acidity, so svelte and composed, with a long pencilly finish. Needs a little more time for the oak to integrate, but the feel of it, its balance and shape, mark it out as an excellent wine.”95 Points Gary Walsh. Winefront.

“Aromas of mulberry, brambles, dried herbs, black olives and lead pencil. Mid-weighted and layered flavours of blackcurrants, cedar, spice and integrated, creamy oak. Long, complex and layered, the tannins offer up plenty of grip and structure and build the palate nicely. Fruit-depth and concentration is first-rate as is the length of flavour”  95 Points & 5 Stars. Huon Hooke

"Assured and poised, with hints of truffle within the spiced dark fruits and brambly berries. The tannins are fine and the oak spice wonderfully integrated, while the long finish is pretty much perfect.”  96 Points & Gold.  Decanter World Wine Awards 2021

 “86/6/4/3/1% cabernet sauvignon/petit verdot/malbec/merlot/cabernet franc. Reaching heights of near perfection, ’18 was a vintage responsible for wines just like this. Supple intensity, concentration of flavour without a gram of weight, the length of flavour possessed only by very healthy, perfectly ripe and balanced grapes. What a gloriously seamless wine, continuing the proud legacy of Parterre.”  96 Points & Special Value. Wine Erin Larkin for Halliday’s Wine Companion

Fraser Gallop Parterre Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 is $39.95 - Buy Now

148 Browns Road Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir 2020

Single Vinyeard, Estate Grown & family owned.  Do not be fooled by the price.

It's soft and supple with lovely texture. There's gentle oak framing red berry fruits, finishing with zippy acidity and generous length. It's clean, fresh and very more-ish. And at $13.95, it certainly delivers in spades!  Have a great Sunday and be sure to back up the you know can buy this with confidence.
148 Browns Road Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir 2020 is $13.95 - Buy Now
Here it is, our very popular Aussie Oaked Chardonnay 6-Pack, updated with a mixture of new chardonnays together with annual favourites.  This is a 6-pack for Chardonnay drinkers containing chardonnays people want to drink, not the unoaked, "natural" wines that stuffy sommeliers offer at restaurants.  For me, each wine in this 6-pack has everything a chardonnay should have - they all ooze creaminess that smooths the middle palate; have an oak influence that while present, doesn't overpower and displays a fresh dose of fruit that makes you think this is a chardonnay, but a darn good one.

Furthermore, this 6-pack explores regions and styles and is a great introduction the wonderful world of oaked chardonnay.  This 6-pack contains the following wines:

Mount Macleod Gippsland Chardonnay 2020
Trevelen Farm Great Southern Chardonnay 2018
Beechworth Estates Chardonnay 2019
Bellvale Gippsland Chardonnay 2019
La Curio Suffragette McLaren Vale Chardonnay 2021
Castelli The Sum Great Southern Chardonnay 2021
The Aussie Oaked Chardonnay 6-Pack is $132 - Buy Now
Sons Of Eden Freya Eden Valley Riesling 2021
Trophy - Best Riesling
2021 Winewise Small Vigneron Awards.

"Classic Eden stuff here" Gary Walsh
"This is quite the classic release"  Angus Hughson

"This is a pristine varietal wine that shows the classic floral/lime aromas of Eden Valley. It’s a dry nstyle that’s crammed with flavour and built on a long acid line. Delightful drinking now, but will cellar. ($25.00) ★★★★★"  2021 Winewise Small Vigneron Awards.

"Classic Eden stuff here. Lemon/lime, flowers, stony things. It’s tight, pure-feeling, has crunch and gentle chalky grip, and a long zesty finish with slightly juicy citrus flavours. In short, it’s very good. Tasted: July 2021; Alcohol: 12.5%; Price: $25; Closure: Screwcap; Drink: 2021-2034+; Rated: 94 Points; Gary Walsh. The Wine Front

"The 2021 Eden Valley vintage rolls on and it is fantastic to see a return to form to the finer riesling style that Eden Valley does so well. This is quite the classic release – its seems at first a picture of restraint but then that understated power unfurls to whack you between the eyes. Super pale in colour before roses lime, pear and bath salt aromas – all tight and focussed. The palate then carries quite a punch – a powerful core of stony, citrus fruits plus fresh yet silky acidity which drives a long and thirst-quenching finish. Delicious and ready to drink now but will sing for a while yet."  Angus Hughson, Wine Pilot
Jules IGP d’Oc Rosé 2019

"So smashable and nice to drink."
Gary Walsh, Winefront

A first rate introduction to French rosé. Made and priced to over-deliver. From a riper vintage, this release is a little more fruit forward than usual, and that’s no bad thing. Full in the mouth and with an extra layer of juicy zestiness, classic strawberries and cream with a drop of mandarin juice, and a bittering, complexing finish.

"Textbook pale dry rosé. It’s got crunch, red currant, tangerine, fennel and herb, a little chalky texture, a minor amount of sweetness, and good finish. So smashable and nice to drink.”  91 points, Gary Walsh, Winefront

Jules IGP d’Oc Rosé 2019 is $16.99 - Buy Now
RANKED #2 of 22
2019 Nebbiolo from Australia

The Real Review

"It’s super impressive and also has the structure to drink well over the medium term."
Angus Hughson (Wine Pilot)

"I’m quite fussy about Nebbiolo, and I love this wine"
Gary Walsh (The Winefront)

"Frisky and fresh, almost into an alpine Nebbiolo style here, which I like. It’s fragrant, rosy, flowering basil/aniseed thing, cherry, red fruits and almond. Medium-bodied, crisp, fresh acidity, energetic and vibrant style, a little sweet spice in the mix, and maybe liquorice, light dusty almost peppery feel to tannin, and plenty of bright sweet cherry on a long cool finish. Delightful, beautifully made too, and not trying too hard. Absolutely worthy, classic and fine-boned Nebbiolo of character and interest. Likely more to come, too. Recommended."  Gary Walsh (The Wine Front)

"Light ruby-red colour with a crystalline brightness. Cherry and rosemary flower aromatics. Deep cherry fruits open the palate, then it rolls into a savoury-earth and mountain herb complexity. It flows long and deep with a weight and drive that is balanced to a slippery tannin structure. A very good example of local nebbiolo"  Stuart Knox. RANKED #2 of 22.  2019 Nebbiolo from Australia. The Real Review
Longview Saturnus Nebbiolo 2019 is $39.99 - Buy Now

Pitchfork Margaret River Cabernet Merlot 2018

 "A very appealing, fruit-driven young cabernet at a great price" The Real Review - Huon Hooke

"Outstanding, dazzling, stellar value for money. Don't walk past it"  Rating: 92 Points. Erin Larkin

"Sourced from several vineyards within Wilyabrup. The brilliant 2018 vintage has produced this juicy, spicy and bouncy little number. Outstanding, dazzling, stellar value for money. Don't walk past it."  Rating: 92 Points.  Erin Larkin. James Halliday Wine Companion

"Medium to deep red colour with a tint of purple. The aromas are flowers and violets, cassis and blueberry, a suggestion of leafiness, the palate bright and fresh with lively mouth-feel and great vitality. The fruit is rich, ripe and sweet in the middle,  possibly due in part to a touch of residual sugar. It has intensity and persistence. The tannins are fine but assertive. The finish is very refreshing. A very appealing, fruit-driven young cabernet at a great price." The Real Review - Huon Hooke.

Pitchfork Margaret River Cabernet Merlot 2018 is $14.95 - Buy Now

Marc Bredif Vouvray 2020

The attack is gentle with a lovely vivacity where one finds agreeable notes of grapefruit on the lingering finish. It is a lovely wine, ripe and refreshing.

Complex notes of flowers, quince, lanolin, apples, and citrus are all integrated in wines that have refreshing acidity which aids their slow evolution. The wine is a brilliant pale gold. On the nose, there is a fine bouquet full aro mas of white flowers and yellow fruit such as pears. One finds citrus notes such as grapefruit. The attack is gentle with a lovely vivacity where one finds agreeable notes of grapefruit on the lingering finish. It is a lovely wine, ripe and refreshing.
Marc Bredif Vouvray 2020 is $27.99 - Buy Now

Tahbilk '1927 Vines" Marsanne 2014

"Moreish and delicious"  Mike Bennie 

“A benchmark, of course, here from 2014. Matured gracefully. Tart and tangy acidity is a strong feature, so too the soft, mellow like texture around it. Lemon balm and curd, green apple, grapefruit pulp and a general sense of talc-chalk minerally character. Moreish and mouth-watering here, fresh yet in an early stage of maturity. So delicious. 94 Points” Mike Bennie.

"Stylistically akin to the best Hunter Semillon, this Tahbilk 1927 Vines Marsanne 2014 is a fascinating piece.  Sourced from a patch of Marsanne vines that dates back to 1927 (who knew!) it’s even built in a Hunter Semillon mode – early picked fruit, cool fermentation, released with some bottle age. The Tahbilk soil types are sandy loams too – it’s all meant to be.

At six years old, this is just entering its peak drinking window. Waxy, lanolin edged palate combines understated, gently honey edges, with pithy, grapefruit and apple through the middle, the finish lightly toasty and gently powerful. That last part is important – it’s much firmer, deeper and more powerful than you realise, almost chewy. That whisper of Marsanne honeysuckle is the counterpoint to the acidity too. It all adds up to pleasure and charisma that will be delivered for decades. I’m a big fan.

Best drinking: honestly I’d wait until early next year and then drink over the next ten years plus. 18.5/20, 94/100. 11%, $46.30. Tahbilk website. Would I buy it? Yes. A bargain given the easy cellarability."  Andrew Graham.  Oz Wine Review

“Light yellow colour, with a herbal, wet cement, straw-like, dried lemon-peel bouquet that is youthful for its years and yet to develop much toastiness. A hint of fresh quince. The palate is delicate, refined and intense, tightly wound and yet smooth and soft, with balanced acidity and lovely flavour, not austere as these wines can be but possessing plenty of drinkability. In typical form, it’s very like a middle-aged Hunter Semillon in the traditional early-picked style.” Huon Hooke. The Real Review 
Tahbilk '1927 Vines" Marsanne 2014 is $39.99 -Buy Now
Tellurian Pastiche Shiraz 2019

Trophy - Best Shiraz - Heathcote Wine Show 2020
Trophy - Best Young Shiraz - Heathcote Wine Show 2020
Trophy - Best Single Vineyard Wine - Heathcote Wine Show 2020

In addition to winning 3 trophies at the recent Heathcote Wine Show, what I also really like about this wine is its pedigree.  Tellurian are a family owned, certified organic vineyard & winery, intent on crafting solely 100% Heathcote wines.  They have previously won Best Shiraz at the Heathcote Wine Show for their Redline Shiraz.  They also like to keep their prices in check, you don't need to pay $100 a bottle like some more established Heathcote producers from the region will ask you for. 

We'll avoid advertising the likes of whom this wine out-performed in order to receive these awards (I've received feedback they don't like this published), however we will talk about price because it's rare to see a Heathcote shiraz priced under $30.  This Tellurian Pastiche Shiraz is excellent value and we all like value.

"Yet another classy red from Tellurian. The plum, mulberry and spice characteristics have considerable appeal, as do the savoury tannins."

Those words above are from a Winewise Magazine tasting and they're spot on.   This is a richer style of wine, just like Heathcote is famous for and Cloudwine "best in Australia" price of $26.99 means you can stock up. 
Tellurian Pastiche Shiraz 2019 is $26.99 - Buy Now
Barking Mad Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 

 Winestate Magazine, July/August 2018

Estate grown at Reillys St Clare vineyard, Watervale.  This classic Clare Valley Cabernet shows layers of dark fruit with blackcurrant on the palate and finishes with mint and dark chocolate. It has generous tannins with a velvety mouth feel.

"This has been a very successful venture for Adelaide cardiologist Justin Ardill and wife Julie, beginning as a hobby in 1994, but growing significantly over the intervening years. They now have vineyards at Watervale, Leasingham and Mintaro, growing riesling, cabernet sauvignon, shiraz, grenache, tempranillo and merlot"   James Halliday Wine Companion.


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