The  Fallen Syrah 2018
This is a brand-spittin'-new wine from micro-producer Neiman Cellars.

The Fallen Syrah, Napa Valley 2018
DDWA 94 points & "Great Value"
Email me back for an introduction to Drew Neiman of Neiman Cellars

Drew Neiman launched Neiman Cellars in 1997. I remember this well because he lunched at The French Laundry one day, must have been early '99, when I was sommin' there. He showed me his new label that afternoon. 22 years later Drew continues to produce Neiman Cellars wines in tiny amounts. 

Introducing a new label from Drew: The Fallen. I drank a bottle of the Syrah last weekend and recommend it highly. It's 100% Syrah from "Caldwell Vineyard," the iconic Coombsville AVA vineyard. Drew bought one ton of Syrah grapes and with it made two barrels...50 cases. 

I recommend this wine because it smells and tastes damn good AND because it has the taste of "somewhereness." (Props to wine-writer Matt Kramer for the term.) Dark, deep blue/blackberry & pomegranate at the core with swirls of Syrah-classic black pepper, bittersweet chocolate, tar and black olive elevated by the natural acidity of "Caldwell" fruit. This is a wine for Syrah lovers. The extraction and tasty, toasty new oak flavors will satisfy Cab drinkers, but ultimately they would rather drink more Cab. There's not enough of this around to put into the wrong mouths. If this sounds like your kinda thing, get your Syrah on and email me for an introduction to Drew Neiman. 

Couple of links: for Drew's autobiography. 
Story about Drew and The Fallen in the Akron Beacon Journal.  It tells the story of the label and the wine better than I can...Akron is Drew's hometown.

Reply to this email with your desire to purchase. I'll connect you with Drew.

I don't take payment nor commission from Neiman Cellars for this promotion. Drew did give me a bottle of Syrah, The Fallen Cab-based blend AND cheeses to pair, so I'm happy! 
Here's Drew and crew picking "Caldwell" Syrah.
Drew Neiman in Caldwell Vineyard
Tasting and loving The Fallen Syrah 2018. Damn it's good.
Super Bowl Vino
In this year of no Super Bowl party, good year to break out the good stuff. Only takes one time for the dude who brought Two Buck Chuck to pour your poop-dee-doop three-figure bottle up to the rim.
I'll be starting with the Deutz Classic Brut Champagne* then a '98 A. Rafanelli Zinfandel. In case you're interested, my money's on the Chiefs -3. I think they're going to win by a lot. 
*I have a tip on how to get the Deutz in Napa for $35/bottle. Had it - love it. Freshness, texture, doughy notes...bring it on. Email me and I'll tell you where to buy. 
Rock on 
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