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Learning About Knowledge

Teach, reflect, change, repeat.
This week, Matthew Oldridge distilled classroom practice down to 4 words.  But, as he says, there are still many classrooms governed by binders and textbooks instead of learning needs of the people in the room.

Why is this?

Greg Ashman wrote a post that concisely outlines what the current education debate looks like.  

"So the choice is between content as a context for developing valuable skills and content as a valuable end in itself."

If content is valuable, then what should we teach?  

Earlier this week, Julie Balen shared a list of resources she has been collecting on the topic of knowledge.  

Heidi Siwak later shared this valuable foundational piece, a keynote by Jane Gilbert, to guide our thinking on this topic.

But since we are all newbies, all the time, in times of exponential change (see this example), is learning how to learn the most important skill we can teach our children?

 Bruce Dixon digs more deeply into the idea of LEARNING in this post. Being able to learn quickly is also highly valued in the workplace.  A year ago, the WEF published a piece on the importance of "learnability" in our careers.

Based on that, and on Julie's recommendation, I think the book, Learn Better by Ulrich Boser, needs to be my next read!
Are you looking for something to read that will provoke your thinking about the purpose of school?

Check out the Educating Modern Learners "White Paper" by Bruce Dixon and Will Richardson.

Ten Principles for Schools of Modern Learning
Eugenio Mazzone on Unsplash
Focus on Twitter: Who Should I Follow?

Twitter Account of the Week:

This week, I found the most intriguing resources shared by Julie Balen.  Follow Julie (@jacbalen) for rich reflections on personal practice, and the sharing of ideas that will challenge your thinking.

Education Bloggers generously share their professional practice openly with others so that we can all learn from their reflections, creating a rich source of learning.
What blogs are you reading regularly?

Educational Blog of the Week:

Jackie Gerstein
has an amazing talent for summarizing and communicating ideas, and she has done this brilliantly with Rogers' Freedom to Learn.  Check out her other posts, and follow the blog for ongoing rich reflections on learning and teaching.
Videos tell stories that help us reimagine what's possible.

One video to watch this week:

Using Data to Build Better Schools - Andreas Schleicher on TED.

Follow it up with this podcast with the brilliant Sam Sellar - FreshEd Podcast #75: The Global Education Race.
This Week's Learning Podcast
The Fresh Ed Podcast
What are the hard questions in education today
With Pasi Sahlberg and Will Brehm

Dawid Małecki
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