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In 2017, our digital identities and physical identities are intertwined.  

Social cognitive theory suggests that our identities are not solely situated in ourselves, but rather in the relationships we have in varied social settings. These social settings provide opportunities to do and say things that others expect us to do or say in order to “fit in” with existing social structures or whether to make choices that contradict others’ expectations of us.

These social structures are both digital and physical.

We need to ask, how do we help our students develop positive digital identities?

Resources of Note - 

Digital Identity: Dr. Alec Couros (video)

Identity in a Digital World -  TEDx Dr. Alec Couros

Understanding Digital Citizenship and identity: Dr. Alec Couros Slideshare -

Digital Identity in a World That no Longer Forgets:

Finding Humanity in the Age of Social Networks


Digital Citizenship and Identity:

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Twitter Account of the Week:
Dr. Alec Couros is a key researcher in the area of digital identity. Follow him here: @courosa


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Educational Blog of the Week:

Katia Hildebrandt writes about Digital Citizenship and Digital Identity. She is a researcher at the University of Regina.
Videos tell stories that help us reimagine what's possible.

Recommended Video: Starr Sackstein's TEDx Talk

A Recovering Perfectionist's Journey to Give up Grades

Research tells us the grades are not a positive way to promote learning.  Grades often END the learning process, where feedback is to focus learning.

Assessment for learning is one of the most high yield strategies we know of.  How do we integrate this understanding into our grades-based school system?

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