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What are the current popular trends in education?

TeachThought has shared the top trends in education
How can this help you?  

Knowing the top trends can give you a sense of what other educators are trying.  What do you know about them?  What do you wonder?
Each category comes with some basic resources to help you find out more. 
Take a moment to ask yourself: Could this be something that might be have a place in my school or classroom?
Reimagine Learning that can Change The World!

This morning I watched a very long, but very thought provoking talk by Sir Ken Robinson.  It challenges us to reimagine learning, but the overall message was one of paying attention to the learning conditions in schools.  We know what we need for people to thrive. This is our starting place.

My rough notes, with full references, can be found here.

Image by Gabby Orcutt

Five Things Great Principals Do Differently

Thanks to Allison Tucker for suggesting this article for B.I.T.S. this week.  ASCD looks at the core competencies of great school leaders.  It helps to remind us that while leaders are always trying to balance leading and learning, as Heather Theijsmeijer shared on her blog this week, there are some key things that help ensure success.

Who should you follow on Twitter to enhance your professional learning?

I've added Allison and Heather to the BITS Twitter list here.  Why not start with them and the other educators on the BITS list? The importance of building a strong list to follow is outlined further here in a blog by Tom Whitby.
Paying Attention to Mathematics
If you are not learning with #NLEDMath on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, please feel free to join us. We are always inviting educators to share their thinking about how we learn mathematics together in classrooms.  Details here

Check out this new (January 2018) research monograph from Ontario about well-being in the mathematics classroom.  Student well-being must be embedded in everything we do in schools.  We want our children to thrive.

More great things to share from this week:

Great picture books to teach theme (from Pernille Ripp)

Here's a quick introduction to the problems with technology - Facebook is a living, breathing crime scene...

Making Meaning of the Learning by Heather Theijsmeijer- Heather thinks about how to structure time for reflecting on learning and sharing back with others.

Minds On - Spatial Reasoning (classroom video) - See what a minds on spatial reasoning activity might look like.

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