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February 11, 2018 Issue


Best Information to Share - Quick Bits of Professional Learning to Challenge Your Practice

The Olympics Have Begun! 

You won't have a lot of time for Professional Learning, with the Olympics on television and long weekends on your mind.  Click a link below for a quick read when you have a spare few minutes!

  • Media Literacy in 2018
  • Learning from deprivatized practice (online)
  • The Makeunder Movement
  • The Impact of free, accessible pornography on our young people


It's been a week for thinking deeply about media literacy and how we are preparing our children to cope with, and think critically about, the messages they receive.  

Where do people go to get facts in 2018?  As President Obama asked in 2017, how do we create a space
where truth gets eyeballs?

Our parents are also struggling to understand the digital age.  Digital literacies are essential to our society.  How are we helping our parent communities to ensure digital safety?  This week in The New Yorker, Rachel Klein explores the role of parents in building a digitally safe environment for children, with a bit of humours that I think you will enjoy!

According to an article in Mind/Shift this week, 91% of teens use YouTube, yet learn very little about it in school.  There is one YouTube format, the video essay, that might be of use to educators.  For some of the channels offering video essages, check out the full article.

Peeking Inside the Classroom

What Does Play-Based Learning Look Like?

Deprivatization Online

For teachers, especially in smaller schools, the opportunities to peek inside other classrooms are limited.

Many educators are not aware that other educators deprivatize their classrooms online and crowdsource some of their decisions.  Following these educators in social media and through blogs becomes an endless source of professional learning and reflection.  There is so much value in collaborating online to continue to grow as an educator. 


For example, in this blog post, Aviva Dunsiger reflects on the value of 100 day in kindergarten.

We don't talk about it, but free access to porn by young people is having a profound impact on behaviour.

Shifting Gender Stereotypes

Media Literacy

The Makeunder Movement

If you are a parent, or grandparent, you have seen the oversexualized female toys made for young children.  It's disturbing to see some of the gender stereotypes that are promoted throughout the toy industry.

For years, teachers have been promoting the "Makeunder" movement - removing the sexualized faces and styles and replacing them with more appropriate appearances.

See the article and video here.
In addition, Karen Blaak from WRDSB has done excellent work in this area, documented here.
Knowledge building classes: a collection of free resources for educators.

Is media literacy keeping up with what our young people are able to access in 2018?

We have deep concerns about how violent, degrading porn (online websites and video games) is changing the relationships and behaviours of our young people.

Learn More:
New York Times Magazine February 7, 2018
Digital Literacy: What are We Avoiding?
My IGNITE talk on this topic.
What books do you want to read next?

Every single day I see another book I want to read - that I NEED to read.  We can’t read all the books out there! 

What books do you want to read next? 

What books have you read recently? 


I SO value Stacey Wallwin and Alanna King for their summaries and reviews that help me make good decisions about what books I spend more time on.

Network Building:  Do we ask our children to collect the dots, or connect the dots? (Seth Godin)

On Twitter, follow Tina Zita (@tina_zita) for creative insights into educating modern learners.  A generous sharing of resources! #peel21st

Check out the full list of BITS-inspired Tweeters here.
More reading/watching of interest this week:

Where do the most educated millennials live? 
Podcast: Getting parents ready for the new context of school
How to Podcast (video)
Creating Math Thinkers (video)
Slides from Pasi Sahlberg: Make American Schools Great Again
Spiralling Math with Mr. John Orr
Do you enjoy this learning?  Please feel free to share widely.
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