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Over the past week, here are some of the new ideas about education that have been emerging.


We learned this week that some of what we used to think about gifted kids turned out to be wrongThis article reminds us that we have to start with where our kids are, not where the content is located in the curriculum.  We need to challenge beliefs about the sequencing of learning in schools.  We also learned that it’s depth, not speed, that is important in learning mathematics.  And while we are at it, let’s challenge our ideas about mathematics even more, with math trails - combining mathematics with outdoor education. Mixed ability grouping (rather than grouping by similar abilities) can be a high-yield strategy if it is used in conjunction with a change in the way we approach teaching, away from lecture and repetition.

Harvard Graduate School of Education (@hgse on Twitter) released a study on the long term impact and importance of early childhood education. This is a fascinating read that emphasizes the need for quality learning for very young children.

Michael Caulfield’s free ebook on Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers is worth your time.  Media Literacy continues to change exponentially, and our students are living in a world much different that the one we grew up in.  Some of the links between depression and smartphone use may be a result of the time the smart phone takes away from the activities that are important for our mental health, such as exercise and daily time outdoors. 

For our leaders, check out this great post on the importance of treating people well, and remembering why you do what you do!  Northwestern Ontario educator, Stacey Wallwin, has provided a review of the book Indelible Leadership by Michael Fullan here on her blog.  It’s always so helpful when educators can summarize the key ideas in books into a quick read for their busy colleagues.

And to sum up the week, we are asking you to think about how YOU would finish this sentence:
The purpose of school is: __________ . 
Some examples of people already doing this include Seth Godin, Will Richardson, and Mark Guay.

We hope you will join us as we explore this question further this year.

Networking Opportunity - #OneWordONT
For 4 years, Ontario educators have encouraged colleagues to choose ONE WORD in January that serves as a focus for reflection for the coming year.  We welcome you to join us in 2018.

Choose your word and Tweet it today (January 19) using #OneWordONT to be part of the official word cloud with 168 other educators who are already in for 2018.  

Find more details here.  Join the G+ community or just go to this page to read some of the other contributions.  What a wonderful way to meet other educators from around the world in 2018.

Upcoming Learning Opportunity:
Young Mathematicians At Work

Join us beginning on Tuesday, January 23 at 8 p.m. on VoicED Radio as we begin our 9 week study of Dr. Cathy Fosnot's work: Young Mathematicians At Work: Multiplication and Division. 

Begin by listening to the
first podcast here.  If you love this work, and you want a copy of the book, email for more information.
Research Document of the Week:
Research Into Practice: Financial Literacy
The largest PRIME number has been discovered.  It has more than 
23 MILLION digits!
Check it out here

As we head into midterm exams in some regions, it's a good time to challenge thinking on the purpose and usefulness of exams. 

Jackie Gerstein exploress the differences between
thinking of learning as a process as opposed to a product:

       “When learning is viewed as a product, and the same performance measure applies to all students, learning facilitation can be reduced to cookie-cutter teaching: same pieces of information and instruction are seen sufficient for all students.”

Here is a new free eBook to help you learn TWITTER, written by David Truss (@datruss), a Principal and Ken Spencer National Innovation Award winner from British Columbia
Focus on Twitter: Who Should I Follow?

Twitter Account of the Week:
Stacey Wallwin leads Technology Integration and Innovation in her board and shares this openly with others.  You will learn so much by following @wallwins

Follow all the suggested accounts here.

Education Bloggers generously share their professional practice openly with others so that we can all learn from their reflections, creating a rich source of learning.
What blogs are you reading regularly?

Educational Blog of the Week:

For those using Google Classroom, or those wanting to get started, here is a great starting place:
Google Classroom Tips
Videos tell stories that help us reimagine what's possible.

One video to watch this week:
For fun this week, watch this wonderful Canadian production to raise funds for Spirit of the West's John Mann 
This Week's Learning Podcast

FreshEd #97:  Should we Copy Finland's Education System?
with Pasi Sahlberg
Learning Opportunities

Archived Web Conferences on many educational topics can be found here on topics such as
Pedagogical Documentation in the K-3 classroom,
Empowering Students in Math,
Monitoring Learning for Leaders,
Communicating Learning for Administrators.
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