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18 May 2022

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The second part of our large collaborative investigation on abuse of preventive detention is out. This time Civio – with the help of seven other EDJNet partners – looks at the suicide rate among people in pretrial detention. They found that it is much higher than that of the rest of the prison population, and the causes are multiple.

MIIR contributes to our collaborative investigation on Covid-19 in European prisons with a new article on the spread of coronavirus in Greek prisons, which occurred 1.4 times faster than in the general population.

Finally, H-Alter looks at the ease of access to psychotherapy in Croatia and Europe in general. Spoiler: not easy.

Let's dig in.

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The suicide rate among people in pretrial custody is double that of convicted prisoners

The second part of our latest collaborative investigation found that in Europe there were 17.5 suicides per 10,000 people in pretrial detention in 2021, while the proportion was 8.54 deaths in the rest of the prison population.

  • In 2021, 480 people committed suicide in EU member state prisons, of which 172 were in pretrial detention.
  • Czechia (51 suicides per 10,000 people in pretrial detention), Latvia (50.3), Austria (47.3) and France (43.1) had the highest pretrial prison suicide rates.
  • Pre-trial detention is an uncertain wait during which people do not know when they will appear before the judge or when the arrest warrant might be cancelled. They must also adapt overnight to a different environment and living with strangers.
  • This is compounded by the lack of control over their own life suddenly suffered by many people awaiting trial.
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Other stories  

There was no barrier to Covid-19 transmission in Greek prisons

Janine Louloudi, Nikos Morfonios, Thanasis Troboukis | MIIR

The spread of coronavirus in Greek prisons was 1.4 times faster than in the general population during July-February 2022. The occupancy rate increased during the pandemic, and one in three prisoners is estimated to have contracted the coronavirus to date.

A luxury called psychotherapy

Marina Kelava | H-Alter

Anxiety and depression were among the most common mental-health problems across the European Union even before the pandemic. But in every EU country that provides psychological help as part of its public healthcare, there are limits to this in practice. And some countries do not even offer such help.

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Our pick


From our partners at the European Data News Hub


The gas ‘poker game’ between Russia and Europe

The drop in Russian gas flows to the European Union has had no major effect on supplies, but it raises pressure on the region to wean itself off Moscow's energy.

Rattled by Russia, Finns flock to military training

On a windy island off Helsinki, people from all walks of life are spending their weekend doing military training, as volunteer numbers soar and Finland readies to join NATO to protect itself from Russia.

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From the European data journalism community

 Survey  Labour in Europe
Arena for Journalism in Europe is working on a report to map how the media cover labour topics around Europe and identify needs and opportunities for cross-border journalism into labour topics.
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A project co-funded by the European Commission and coordinated by Vrije Universiteit Brussel, it provides European news organisations financial support, coaching and peer-to-peer knowledge transfer to achieve long-term transformation. 14 projects will be selected and can receive up to 100, 000. A typical project includes two organisations based in two different countries, at least one of them must have 25 employees or more.
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