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15 December 2022

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Year-end assessments are approaching, hopefully together with a winter break. If you're a worker, it may be the time of the year when you wonder how happy you're with your job. Well, we don't know about you – but we do know how happy workers in your country are on average, thanks to new data released by Eurostat. El Confidencial has looked into it

We're also presenting you with some follow-ups to large stories that we've worked on in the past few months: abuse of preventive detention, broken plastics promises by companies, and transparency of algorithms. Some new collaborative investigations are approaching publication in the coming weeks: stay tuned, and enjoy the reading in the meantime!

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How happy are workers across Europe? 

The latest data from Eurostat helps to identify what matters most to European workers in the wake of the pandemic. Ana Ruiz and Marta Ley from El Confidencial have dug into the topic.

  • Malta comes out on top in terms of job satisfaction, followed by Latvia. To the contrary, most workers in Portugal and Bulgaria aren't very happy with their job.
  • Job satisfaction increased in most European countries over the last few years, except for the countries marked in red and orange in the map above.
  • Results differ based on sector, gender, age, as well as – as we can imagine – on wage and level of education. Denmark and Hungary appear as top spots for the self-employed.
  • In terms of job satisfaction, it seems that it's more important to have flexible hours than to have the option to work from home.
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Other stories


Greek courts abuse pre-trial detention 

Nikos Morfonios | MIIR

With large prisoner numbers and detention times far in excess of European averages, pre-trial detention is being abused by the Greek justice system.
This article is part of our collaborative investigation on pre-trial detention.

How these companies tried to greenwash their plastic waste (video)

Kira Schacht | Deutsche Welle

Europe’s food and drinks companies make big promises to cut plastic waste. But they don't deliver. We checked. A story about ambitious commitments, hidden failures and how to hold firms accountable.
This article is part of our collaborative investigation on plastics promises.

Serbia, algorithmic discrimination rehearsals 

Federico Caruso | OBC Transeuropa

A new law on social services in Serbia provides for the collection of a large amount of personal data of beneficiaries, to be analysed with an algorithm that evaluates their socio-economic condition. The declared goal is to improve the distribution of resources, but over 22,000 people have already lost the subsidy, without knowing why.
This article is part of our series on digital rights.

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Our pick


From our partners at the European Data News Hub


Heatwaves could kill 90,000 Europeans per year by 2100

If nothing is done, heatwaves could lead to the deaths of 90,000 Europeans each year by the end of the century, the European Environment Agency has said.

‘Threat multiplier’: How climate change affects health

Deadlier than Covid, or even rivalling cancer? Researchers have been increasingly attempting to calculate the effect climate change will have on health.

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