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11 January 2022

Hi, and happy new year from the EDJNet team!

For the first 2023 issue of the newsletter we are thrilled to share episode #1 of “Uncharted Europe”, our new podcast series which, starting today, will explore every week until March some of the issues that matter the most to European citizens through the words of some EDJNet's journalists who worked on them.

In episode #1, titled "Locked up: Covid-19 and prisons in Europe", we take a look at how our 2021 investigation on the impact of Covid-19 on European prisons was carried out, together with the data journalists that worked on it.

Also, we are presenting you our latest story, which highlights how working poverty is still a real issue for many countries in the European Union.

Enjoy your reading!

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Podcast series

Uncharted Europe episode #1 – Locked up: Covid-19 and prisons in Europe

“One thing we have learned – or should have learned – from the pandemic is that if we leave one group behind, we leave everyone behind”. The Covid-19 pandemic had a huge impact on people’s lives: suddenly we were overwhelmed by reports, maps and charts about infections, hospitalisations, vaccinations, etc. Yet little information has been made public about the spread of the coronavirus in carceral facilities.

So, in late 2021, we decided to take a deep look into the impact of Covid-19 on European prisons and published a large investigation about it. In episode #1 of our new podcast series "Uncharted Europe", we dig into the making and findings of the investigation with data journalists Kira Schacht from Deutsche Welle 🇩🇪 and Janine Louloudi from MIIR 🇬🇷

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Working poverty is still a problem in Europe 

Poverty among people who work is a widespread phenomenon in Europe, and it has remained nearly stable over the last 10 years. High work-intensity households are not spared, while younger people are often hit the hardest. Approximately 9% of working people in the EU live below the poverty line, Openpolis 🇮🇹 reports.

  • Romania is the EU country where the percentage of workers at risk of poverty is higher (15.2%), followed by Luxembourg (13.5%), Spain (12.7%) Italy (11.7%), and Portugal (11.3%).
  • On the other end, just 2.8% of workers are at risk of poverty in Finland, 3.5% in Czechia, 3.8% in Belgium, 4.3% in Ireland, and 4.8% in Slovenia.
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