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15 June 2022

Hello, and welcome to the news and tools delivery from EDJNet.

Many members of our network are enjoying their summer breaks, so EDJNet's activity has partly slowed down – but today we present you three new stories. We'll be back in the coming weeks!

The first and most recent article was published this morning by Civio and questions the preparedness of European countries with respect to the current monkeypox epidemic. Spoiler alert: most countries were not prepared to deal with it.

OBC Transeuropa has drawn an overview of investment in research and innovation in Southeast Europe, whose countries - with a clear exception - remain far behind the rest of the continent. Divergente recounts the heartbreaking story of a young prisoner who died while in pre-trial detention in Lisbon. His account contributes to EDJNet's investigation on the abuse and risks of pre-trial detention in Europe.

Have a good read and see you in August!

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Europe fights the monkeypox outbreak with unequal defences

In their latest investigation, Civio reports that only two European Union member states had strategic reserves of the most effective and safe vaccine against monkeypox, a smallpox-like virus.

  • According to Civio's research, from the beginning of May to the middle of July, at least 7,665 cases have been reported in the EU, one thousand more than the WHO reports.
  • The most affected countries in the EU are Spain (2,895 cases), Germany (1,859), France (912), the Netherlands (549), and Portugal (515).
  • Only the Netherlands and France report having had strategic stockpiles of vaccines prior to the outbreak.
Read the full article >

Other stories  

South East Europe: investments in innovation are not enough

Gianluca De Feo | OBC Transeuropa

Within the EU, the Balkan countries are among those that invest less in research and innovation. European funds make a positive contribution, but the gap with the rest of Europe still tends to widen. The reasons are manifold.

Pre-trial detention: you never get over a dead son

Beatriz Walviesse | Divergente

Danijoy Pontes, 23 years old, was sent to pre-trial detention in 2020, for a total of 11 months. He died in a Lisbon prison: Divergente dug his story as part of EDJNet's investigation on the abuse and risks of pre-trial detention in Europe.

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Our pick


From our partners at the European Data News Hub


Winners and losers of the ECB’s rate hike

The European Central Bank is set to turn the page on years of easy money when it begins to hike its interest rates to tame runaway inflation.

EU cuts growth forecasts as war-stoked inflation surges

The European Commission on Thursday slashed growth forecasts for the eurozone, saying the consequences from the war in Ukraine were continuing to destabilise the economy because of record high inflation.

Tools and Tips

An interactive map on climate warming in Europe

The extraordinary heat these days is in line with a decades-long trend, as we have shown in a 2020 analysis that looked at the average temperature increase for about 100,000 municipalities in Europe. Data on the mean temperatures at the local level indicate that global warming has been affecting almost every corner of Europe, as mean temperatures have increased by more than 2°C between the 1960s and the 2010s. You can browse the map and find your municipality here.

Also, we have recently been started working – along with other partners across Europe – on FIRE-RES, a research project that focuses on wildfires. If you would like to know more about it, here is the link to the website and twitter page.

From the European data journalism community

 Mentorship  Fresh perspectives: Young Journalist Award 2022
The Thomson Foundation is offering six young journalists (aged 30 or under) from countries with a GNI per capita of less than $20,000 the chance to participate in a mentorship programme with six of the best journalists in the industry, as part of the Young Journalist Award 2022.
👉 The deadline for the submission of works is 12 August. More information here.

 Fellowship  Sir Harry Evans Global Fellowship
The Durham University offers the opportunity to win a six to nine month Fellowship which will include undertaking an investigative project from inside the Reuters newsroom in London. The Fellowship is designed to give the applicant the chance to develop rigorous, fact-based research and reporting skills.
👉 Applications for the Fellowship close midday BST Monday 15 August. More information here.

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