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18 January 2023

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In 2021 we engaged in an investigation, led by Civio, that tackled the issue of access to assisted reproductive technologies. The investigation looked into the legislation of 43 European countries, resulting in a comprehensive database and in a number of different stories that go beyond the data to hear the personal experiences of people.

In episode #2 of our podcast series "Uncharted Europe" titled, unambiguously, "Access to assisted reproduction in Europe", we take a look at how the investigation was conducted.

Also, MIIR's latest story highlights how Ukrainians fleeing the war have been welcomed by European countries in the past year, while other refugees have not.

Enjoy your reading!

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Podcast series

Uncharted Europe episode #2 – Access to assisted reproduction in Europe

Every year, thousands of people in Europe have access to assisted reproductive technologies (ART). These are used to treat infertility problems in heterosexual couples or to enable same-sex couples or single women to have children. There are countries in Europe where babies born with these techniques are between 5 and 8 percent of the total.

Each European country has its own rules to regulate access to those treatments, involving age limits and the number of attempts covered by the public healthcare system. In some cases, the rules in place lead to discrimination that hits mainly LGBT couples and single women. All this often forces people to travel abroad to avoid such limitations.

In episode #2 of Uncharted Europe we talk about our investigation that tackled these very issues with the journalists that conducted it: Ángela Bernardo and Maria Álvarez del Vayo from Civio 🇪🇸 and Adrian Burtin from Voxeurop 🇫🇷.

Listen to this episode >

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Ukrainians welcome, other refugees unwanted 

2022 was the year when Fortress Europe put on its human face. The xenophobic voices about the risk of destabilization of European states by the biggest refugee crisis since World War II – 6-7 times bigger than the one in 2015 – were suddenly pushed aside, MIIR reports.

  • By 27 December 2022, 7,896,825 refugees from Ukraine had been registered in Europe, of which 4,885,650 had been granted temporary protection status.
  • At the same time, many of the remaining refugee camps and asylum seeker centres are being abandoned to their fate by European governments.
Read the full article >

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Tools and Tips

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Deadline: 18:00 CET Tuesday 21 February 2023.
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 Tool  EU Law in Force
The Publication Office of the European Union recently published "EU Law in Force", a tool that gives quick access to European Union laws such as EU Treaties, EU Legislation, International Agreements and Case Law of the European Court of Justice.
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