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BCR Partner News - 9 January 2019

News for Representatives of Group Partners and Individual Partners of BCR CP.
Please share with others in your group.

Next Public Forum - Monday 11 February 2019

The next BCR public forum will be on Monday 11th February, 7pm - 9pm, to be held in Redland ward at the Redland Green Bowls Club, Redland Green Road BS6 7HE. This will complete the set of three forums, one in each ward, that we set out to hold in the 2018/19 year.

Community Group news early on the agenda

At the last Public Forum, when community group news had to be rushed through in the last part of the meeting, several requests were made for it to be earlier on the agenda. So at the last committee meeting we agreed group news will appear near the beginning of the next meeting in February. Please will representatives of Group Partners let us know ( if you can give a short update at the Forum on what your group is doing, and what your group has planned for 2019.

Funding for local projects

Another main topic for the February Public Forum will be the allocation of funding from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). You can find out more about this and the way it is allocated at Funding for local projects on the Bristol City Council website.

We want to encourage more local groups to put in proposals and will be outlining the kind of projects eligible and how to put them forward at the Forum on 11th February. We will also be asking what kinds of projects BCR residents would like our councillors to support.

Equalities awareness and wider engagement

As mentioned in the last newsletter, we have been looking at organising a workshop on this topic for local community groups. We have a proposal for a session, led by Edson Burton, to think through creatively the what and why of the barriers to community participation that currently exist and how they could be overcome. The session would be sponsored by the Community Partnership, so it would only be necessary to find the time to come along.

Please can Group Partner representatives ask around your group for potential participants (including yourselves) and let us know who might like to get involved (by emailing We will then try to find a date that suits the most people.

CP support for further public meetings

We expect to hold at least one further public meeting, possibly in March, on a 'hot topic' for the BCR area. Such a topic might include parking and congestion, air pollution, clean air zones, parks, community facilities or anything else that affects a significant part of our area.

We are happy to work with our partner groups and other community groups in the area to set up a public event on a topic of their concern. Please will our Partner Representatives pass on this message to their groups, and get in touch if you have an idea you would like to discuss.

City-wide community-related meetings

From Hibernation to Community Action - Saturday 2nd February
For community organisers, active citzens, and anyone trying to make a difference in their neighbourhood or community to meet and network with likeminded people.

Bristol Forum - Friday 29th March
A collaboration between Bristol City Office, the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England that welcomes contributions from any person or organisation who can bring knowledge and insight towards making Bristol a more inclusive, prosperous and sustainable city.
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