We started this awesome project in September 2017 using to help raise funds to develop further and build a more efficient, safer, and more affordable high-performance remote control Jet powered system for SUP’s, Surfboards, and eFoils. We want to make this new sport and experience available to everyone and allow you to use it with your current board without the need to spend thousands on a new board, or hydrofoil setup.

In the last seven months, we have made significant progress and advances in our designs, parts, durability, reduction in costs, and ease of assembly. But we will admit this project is a much larger project than we and most others DIY’ers expected. This project ended up being that we need to design, prototype and test multiple propulsion designs, housings, motors, batteries, electronics, for the jet system. 

Then we had design and prototype a waterproof remote because there are none available on the market believe it or not. This one component along is a massive project and requires significant upfront costs around USD 24,000+ just to get tooled up for injection molding, and a small run. 

Now, we are designing a custom SUP efoil board that has high floatation and built-in battery compartment/hatch. This board has multiple uses, efoiling, tow foiling, wave foiling, and SUP’ing with a built-in storage compartment. 

This idea of building the propulsion system for an efoil has evolved into something much more significant and is very exciting. And because of this, we continue to accept and ask you for donations to keep this moving forward. If we all collaboratively donated money, time, and help spread the word we can design, build and distribute these incredible new products at cost.

We are on track for completion later this spring if all goes as planned, and expect a quick delivery in regards to the jet system, waterproof remote, and our multi-use custom board. We do not plan to sell hydrofoils at this time because many of you already have one, and you buy them used for half price in most cases. 

With that said, we have gone ahead to design custom nose cone mounting brackets to fit these following brands: North, Naish, Neil Pryde, Cabrinha, Slingshot, Liquid Force, WakeFoiler, and Axis. We can make a custom mount for any foil mast so send us photos of brands we don't have yet! 

If you send us a photo like the one below which is a straight down top view of your mast along with the length as shown in this photo we can send you our jet system with your custom nose cone clamp. A big thanks to PacificMeister and all of his hard work, videos, and the DIY forum. He has definitely left his mark in the world and was the tipping point eFoils to become well-known worldwide.

Our newest member to the team Sascha Ederer is helping with CAD, nose cone clamps, impeller and nozzle designs. He and I spent a few hours the other day sharing screens as we designed a new part in Fusion360, and with Sascha's German accent I kept picturing PacificMeister talking... it was funny.  

Sascha Ederer: Is an executive in the finance organization of a Germany based telecommunication company. As a graduate computer scientist in economics, he is fascinated by microcontrollers (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ARM, VESC) and considers the creation of physical things a balance to his office job.

He has gained some experience regarding electric propulsion systems in several electric skateboard builds, and propeller design software that he brings into the VeFoil project. Besides “making” things, he likes to windsurf, ride longboards (especially electric longboards as life is too short to paddle) and jogging.

Our goal and focus here are to create an impressive multi-use jet system for efoiling, jet surfing, and SUPs at the SAME cost that it would cost for a DIY'er (you) to go out and buy the parts and try to build one of your own. Though our creative designs, and group/bulk purchasing power when we launch later this spring we can pass huge savings on to fell enthusiasts who share our passion for being out on the water.

We are doing this to help grow the sport and make it accessible to more people. The amount of time, money, research, and effort we are putting into this is crazy, and we are not getting paid for it. This is a passion-based project, and 100% of all donations from our website go directly into the project - Cad, machining, parts, shipping.

A big THANK YOU! to everyone who is helping make this a success through donations and spreading the word of our project and on youtube videos, forums, blogs, etc.… The more you can help spread the word the lower our overall prices should be upon initial product launch/bulk order of parts and shipping. We have been able to cover a good chunk of the costs, and we hope more of you will continue to support us as we enter the most expensive final stages of this process.

This weekend Ian, Simon, and I are meeting up with a new set of parts to dry fit and review, could be a big step forward - Exciting!

We will keep you updated with another update sooner than later!

Chris and the VeFoil Team!
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