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Quick question for you. Have you ever vegged out watching Netflix into the wee hours of the morning? I will definitely say I’m guilty of this 🙊🙊.This past week Eddie gave a talk on technology and the at times negative effects it can have on our lives. The word that sticks to me from his teaching is ESCAPISM -- and how people fall into a cycle of binge watching shows or the constant scrolling through of social media. It’s our escape from our lives.

This week I've been extra mindful of my phone use, which apps I'm on and streamlining them and it's been really refreshing to do so! Well I want to encourage you to take a moment, PAUSE and think about your own media consumption and technology usage. If you're curious as to what Eddie shared about this last week in our Simplify series, tune into our latest podcast episode for more.

👂Listen to our latest episode

We are continuing our clothing drive so please continue to bring your “spiritual de-tatchments” as Eddie likes to call them, to church this Sunday! We are currently at over 2,000 articles of clothing collected and have a goal of 5,000 to hit.

Reminder, if you choose to donate clothing outside of HUG can you please let us know how many items were donated or sold so we can include them in our running total? Feel free to use the below form to keep us updated!

✋I donated or am donating elsewhere!

Lastly, reminder that we will be launching a new round of small groups in March and will be taking sign-ups this Sunday! Excited to see you all soon!



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