Fox Creek Farm CSA Newsletter, week of June 15, 2020
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  • About the produce in this week's share
  • A note from our delivery drivers
  • Recipe: Okonomiyaki (for the Komatsuna)

Farm News

COVID-19 makes for big changes to everyone's life. At the farm, we decided to make the  transition from 'market style' CSA share pick-ups at central locations to home deliveries of pre-packed shares. We've been planning for this change just for a few months. Figuring out how to adapt the harvest schedule; finding another delivery truck; hiring drivers; planning the routes.

Last Monday we rolled out the plan - needless to say, your farmers were more than a little bit nervous about all that could go wrong. But making up the balance by the end of the first week, all the shares were delivered, and we're still on top of our farm work. We're so glad it is all working out!

We hope you enjoyed the first harvest of the season. Exceptionally tender spinach. Beautiful Pac-choi. Super fresh lettuce. 

We're getting ready for another week of harvesting and delivering your produce. A bit less stressed. And very happy with your comments, pictures, drawings, and support. Just what we all need in these unprecedented times!

Your farmers,

Raymond and Sara 

P.S. Your delivery day from last week is the delivery day for this week.

We will continue to email you with the delivery day notifications and ETA for your produce delivery the evening before your delivery day. 

Technical difficulty ...

You may not have received last week's newsletter. It was caused by a technical glitch: we changed our email server with the overhaul of the farm website, and forgot to update our DNS record. And that makes particularly gmail decide that our newsletters are 'junk'.  

Our website designer has resolved the issue - welcome to our weekly Fox Creek Farm newsletter!

Below: killdeer nest in the potato field. Can you find the eggs?

About the produce in this week's share

For the week of June 15, expect to find in your deliveries Komatsuna (see notes and recipe, below), mesclun, garlic scallions, butterhead lettuce, fresh leaf spinach, and spring onions.

We are ROTATING greenhouse summer squash, broccoli, and radish

Komatsuna,  like Pac-choi is a member of the brassica family. It's a mild Japanese mustard. This is the first time we grew it, and are happy to share! It works well braised (like in a stir-fry), or as an the main ingredient for Okonomiyaki (see the featured recipe in this newsletter). 

Mesclun is our signature mix of baby lettuces and spicy greens - baby mizuna, arugula, tatsoi and kales. You'll notice if you compare it with the baby lettuce from last week, that this mix is a little more spicy. All together, mesclun brings a nice flavor/texture combination to the table.

Spring onions. For the first time ever, we overwintered onions in the greenhouse. The result is spectacular. Fresh onions by the middle of June! Chop the tops finely and add them to your omelet or other dishes if you like.

Summer squash. We already starting to harvest the first summer squash. Greenhouses do make a difference in the early part of the season!

A note on washing produce: we recommend you wash your Fox Creek Farm produce before consumption, as you would with produce from any other source. 

What does 'We are rotating' mean?

It means that not everyone will get that crop in the same week. We pride ourselves in sharing exceptional produce with you - so we harvest crops when they are at their prime.

For example, not all summer squash comes in at one time - they mature continuously. In the beginning of the season, there might not be enough to share with everyone and we need to rotate (and keep notes). Rest assured that over the duration of the season, we make every effort to make the rotated crops go through as equal as possible.

Notes from our delivery drivers

Thank you to everyone who made it easy for our drivers to find the cooler or box or drop-off location for the produce. That really makes a big difference to the day!

Unfortunately, we cannot reuse the plastic bag we pack the share in. The COVID-19, on top with basic food safety issues, makes it impossible for us to take the bags back. We did research and found this the way of distributing the produce with the smallest environmental footprint possible, keeping in mind the food safety & public health issues. Thank you for your understanding.


Recipe: Okonomiyaki

This recipe uses the Komatsuna from this week's share to make a Japanese style frittata.  It cooks in a flash, and it's healthy, delicious, and super fun to make.

3 cups finely cut komatsuna
1 cup chopped spring onion
1 cup breadcrumbs
¾ tsp salt
3 eggs, beaten
Olive oil, for brushing
For serving:
Worcestershire sauce
Sesame seed
Pickled ginger

In a large bowl, combine the finley cut komatsuna, onion, bread crumbs, and salt. Gently mix in the eggs. (Note: the mixture will be very loose and cabbagey, not like a flour pancake batter. If it's very dry, let it sit for about 10 minutes).

Heat a nonstick skillet over medium heat. Brush the skillet with olive oil and use a ¼ measuring cup to scoop the cabbage mixture into the skillet. (It's ok if it doesn't seem cohesive, it'll bind together as the egg cooks). Flatten gently with a spatula so that the mixture is about 1/2 inch thick. Cook 3 minutes per side, or until browned, turning the heat to low as needed.

Repeat with the remaining mixture, wiping out the skillet and brushing more oil, as needed.

Drizzle the okonomiyaki with Worcestershire sauce and pipe on a few thin strips of mayo. Top with sesame seeds, and pickled ginger. Serve while hot (2 servings).

Questions? Concerns? A recipe to share? Contact your farmers!

We continue to encourage you to share your questions, concerns, or recipes with us: we love to hear from you! Email is best, but if you would like to leave us a message on the phone we will return your call at our earliest convenience (518-872-2375).
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