Fox Creek Farm CSA Newsletter, week of October 3, 2022
In this newsletter:
  • Farm News: Digging into the fall harvests
  • Expected harvest, U-pick update
  • Recipe: Hash browns
  • Tentative schedule of pick-up sites for our 2023 CSA
  • Winter greens, anyone? 

Farm News

We're most literally digging into the fall harvest. Harvesting root crops like carrots and potatoes is a lot of heavy work, made a little easier by some pieces of equipment (like our potato harvester). But by the time we got another burlap bag full, there's been quite some stooping, bending, and picking. At this point in the season, we're trying to stay ahead of the unavoidable change in the weather - having the barn full with storage crops is so much nicer then having to work in fields that are way too wet.

And with the changes in the harvests, and the turning of the leaves (let me tell you, this is my favorite season), we're getting inspired to start to think about next season. The biggest change for next season will be, undoubtedly, the discontinuation of the home deliveries. Yes, it was a really good idea when COVID hit hard in 2020, but right now the pandemic is pretty much under control. It's time to go back to the pick-up sites like we had in 2019. 

Going back to the pick-up sites will bring back a sense of community - meeting your neighbors while getting your produce. It will give us the opportunity to focus more on the farm, and less on logistics. These last three seasons has brought us new respect for the efficiency of UPS, after getting more intimately involved with the work it takes to make daily deliveries a reality. And, with the sharply increased costs for labor, fuel, parts, repairs, and equipment, the pick-up site model will bring down the cost of the CSA membership.

Elsewhere in this newsletter, you can find a 'sneak peak' of the 2023 Fox Creek Farm CSA pick-up sites we got already confirmed. And as in years past, we are planning on an end-of-season 'renew your CSA share' campaign. Short and sweet. More information about that in next week's writings.

Enjoy this week's harvest,

Your farmers,

Raymond and Sara

Expected harvest & U-pick update

For this week we're harvesting Keuka gold potatoes, Onions, Nantes carrots, Green tomatoes, Lettuce, Arugula, and the last of the peppers (it's getting cold!). Pie pumpkins, for the full share only.

We are rotating Basil, Parsley, eggplant, Cauliflower, Broccoli, and Swiss chard.

U-Pick: Well, as long as we don't get hit by a frost, the U-pick is still looking beautiful - flowers, herbs, dry beans are abundant. The cherry tomatoes are looking sad (sorry - it's that time of year). 

A note on green tomatoes: Either use them now in a green tomato recipe (for example, to make a relish), or wait and see them turn red. 

Recipe: Hash browns

Originating from the Netherlands (where potatoes are either cooked or fried (what they call "patat"), my appreciation for the unpretentious tuber grew with the discovery of oven roasted potatoes, and hash browns. I've been experimenting a little bit with this year's harvest, and found that 'sweating' the grated potatoes with a little bit of salt in a colander makes all the difference for the level of crispiness of the final product.   

1 lbs potatoes (for example, the Keuka golds in this week's share)
Herbs (like chives), pepper
Olive oil

Wash and grate the potatoes - toss the grated potatoes with a little bit of salt in a colander for about 15 minutes to draw out the moisture. Rinse the potatoes to reduce the salt level, and squeeze as much moisture out of the grated potatoes as possible. Mix the well drained grated potatoes with herbs of your choice.

Add some olive oil to a cast iron skillet, and bake the grated potato/herb mixture until done (turn frequently, and use medium heat). Enjoy.


Sneak peak: 2023 Fox Creek Farm CSA pick-up sites

Over the last month, we have been working on (re) establishing our CSA pick-up sites. We are still working to reach agreement on some sites, but the list below is what we got for 2023 right now:

Schoharie/Gallupville: Fox Creek Farm
Albany: Honest Weight Food Co-op
Delmar: Delmar Reformed Church
Guilderland: Foundry Road
Altamont: Altamont Reformed Church
Schenectady/Niskayuna: Grand Boulevard
Clifton Park: Christ Community Reformed Church

And workplace sites:

Rotterdam: DEC Region 4 headquarters
Albany: DEC Central Office, Broadway

Winter Greens, anyone?

For the first time we'll be offering an 8-week Winter Share - from October 31 to December 20th, for pick-up at the farm only. The winter share will be a mix of fresh spinach, salad mixes and other greens grown in our tunnels, along with stored crops like carrots, beets, and some newbies like fennel. Shares will be pre-packed, with somewhat flexible pick-up times.

The share size will be between a Medium and a Full share, with ample greens and about 3 non-green (read: storage crop) items per week.

Please note:

  • This is for pick-up at the farm, only: No deliveries!
  • Pick-up times are Monday 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM, or Tuesday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • We do plow the snow, but in case of a major snow storm, we might not have the road open at 8:00 AM (in which case you probably don't want to be on the road, anyways). We don't salt the road, but if needed will sand.
Extend your season of exceptional produce from Fox Creek Farm! The sign-up link is on the homepage of our website, see link below:
Winter Share Sign-up

Questions, suggestions, remarks ...

We love to hear from you! Let us know your questions, suggestions or remarks. Either give us a call at 518-872-2375 (we will return your phone message), or send us an email:
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