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REgenerating mixed-use MED urban communities congested by traffic through Innovative low carbon mobility sOlutions
The 3rd Seminar of the REMEDIO Project on "Sustainable Urban Mobility: Addressing Air Pollution and Climate Change" was organized in Thessaloniki by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) and the Mediterranean Developmental Development Agency (MDTA) of Thessaloniki, on 22nd May 2018, with the participation of the European partners the project, local actors and invited European and international networks specializing in transport, air pollution and climate adaptation.
Around 75 participants were presented in the 3rd Seminar of the REMEDIO Project.
At the beginning of the seminar, the Chief Executive Officer of the Metropolitan Developmental Development Agency, Mr. Chrysostomos Kalogirou, stated that after intense participatory processes involving Thessaloniki institutions and citizens, scenarios were proposed for the reorganization of the Axis and a solution was proposed which improves pedestrian traffic, public transport with the creation of an exclusive bus, parking and uninterrupted flow of traffic.

Professor Dimitris Melas pointed out that the Atmospheric Physics Laboratory of the Department of Physics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is developing a tool that will be able to calculate pollutant emissions in relation to other Axis functions.

Dr. Marina Almeida Silva, Communication Manager of REMEDIO project, pointed out that the common problems of the cities participating in the project and concerning proposals for low carbon mobility should take into account the local characteristics, the needs and the challenges that the city faces. It is mentioned as an example that in a city of the REMEDIO project an integrated network of bicycle routes can be chosen as an intervention, while in another city the intervention will focus on improving public transport.
Reportage / Camera: Vaso Lykourinou, Spyros Kopanos, Sakis Sonis

Speakers: Chrysostomos Kalogirou (Chief Executive Officer of Metropolitan Developmental Thessaloniki), Dimitris Melas (AUTh Environmental Physics), Marina Almeida-Silva (REMEDIO Communication Manager)
On 24th May 2018, Metropolitan Development of Thessaloniki, in cooperation with the Dutch team STIPO, organized a daily training seminar which examined empirically the REMEDIO pilot road in Thessaloniki, filtering through the Placemaking approach and the methodology "at the eye level".
Greek cities, including Thessaloniki, are currently challenging their relation to the definition, use and engagement of and with the Public and Open Space, merely due the impact of the economic crisis. These challenges are linked either to the management of large-scale urban redevelopment projects, or to the management of daily issues of urban space, that relate to the recession or the engagement and activation of the citizen.

How can we collectively create vivid streets, where people would feel comfortable, safe and excited? What is the role of the local communities and initiatives in shaping the public and open space? How can local institutions facilitate the development of local place management units, and how would such a structure work around a location, such as a street?
The training was meant to take the key-learnings of the REMEDIO experience in Thessaloniki and the other partner cities, and examine them through the lens of Placemaking and the "City at Eye Level" approach and methodology.

All insights were transferred through the presentation and discussion upon real case-study examples, while participants were involved in a learn-by-doing introduction process to the approach and tools.
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