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A New Service from Scotinform

Welcome to this Special Edition of The Scotinformer, with news of our latest product!

A Truly Targeted Approach

For some time now we have been profiling audiences using Mosaic, a geodemographic profiling tool that allows you to understand the demographics, characteristics and behaviours of your target markets. We are delighted to extend this service by offering you the opportunity to profile individual records on your databases, so you'll be able to sort your City Prosperities from your Rental Hubs.

What Are the Benefits?

You will be able to sort your database by Mosaic UK or Mosaic Scotland at Group or Type level, thereby tailoring your marketing and communications to specific audiences - particularly handy if you have a diverse profile! 
The service includes a free data audit and the option to clean the data before profling.
You pay for what you profile - we can do as many, or as few, records as you like. 
GDPR compliant - as you'd expect from Scotinform

How Does It Work?

The first step is to get in touch with us, so we can give you an indicative cost based on the size of your database.
We will then arrange for the secure transfer of your data, audit it (for free!) and give you a final cost for the profiling as well as any cleaning that is recommended.
We return your data to you with the profile information attached.

Scotinform Ltd, 21 Young Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4HU
0131 555 1104

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