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Happy New Year Everybody!

Did you enjoy the holiday festivities? Mine were great. At times it felt a little overwhelming but that quickly got replaced with quality family time and traditions. 

I always feel the lead up to Christmas is so stressful but then the day comes, the gifts get unwrapped, and the stress dissipates. Leaving nothing but a good memory in it's place. Now we get to look forward to a new year ahead.

Something about the 2020 has me excited. I feel it'll be a great year for all of us. 

Let's begin. 

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Articles I'm Enjoying...

Make Before You Manage - When do you feel like you're in the zone? For myself, this comes in the morning about an hour after I wake up and midway through my first cup of coffee. A good productive strategy is to utilize that time of day you're in the zone. In this article, Tim Ferriss offers a strategy to prioritize this time and not waste it on menial tasks. 
10 Lessons For A Good Life -  A solid reminder of what to focus on while entering 2020. A couple takeaways - Be a contrarian (or at least question the direction of the crowd) and ignore pessimists. Definitely don't become one. Full list is worth a read. 
Wildlife Photograph Of The Year Awards - I love this roundup, if you're new to this newsletter, I include a list of this sort every year. Here's some favorites:
"The Moment" By Yongqing Bao (top) | "Early Riser" By Riccardo Marchegiani (bottom left) | "Snow Landing" By Jérémie Villet (bottom right)

The Useful & The Interesting

How To Be A Loser: Rich Franklin

Rich Franklin is a Math Teacher turned professional MMA fighter. He won the world championship 3 times before retiring with a record of 27-7 record. Although he reached much success in Martial Arts, he's experienced hard losses to some of the greatest fighters in history. In this presentation he shares valuable first hand knowledge on how champions takes losses and turn them into successes. 
Pixel Solar System - This is so cool. It shows us the size of our solar system if the Moon was the size of a single digital pixel. It's so difficult to comprehend the scale of space but this offers a unique look at how MASSIVE it is. Scroll until you're bored!
The Ride Of A Lifetime (A Book) - In this book, Bob Iger, shares his journey of being the Disney CEO for the last decade and a half. Not only is it the best leadership book I've read in 2019 but the stories behind some of the largest deals in entertainment history are fascinating. 

Quote(s) Of The Month

"Knowing that the atoms in your body came from the hearts of dying stars billions of years ago beats any dull fairy tale people might believe."
- Thibaut (Twitter)

"Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become" 
- James Clear
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