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👋Hello friends, 

Welcome to The Strive Journal, a roundup of 1 - 5 cool things I found and learned this week. 

This week, I wrote an article on the First Principles Approach to problem-solving and how you can use it to be a better thinker. (more on #2). 

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Let's begin!

1) It's about the journey not the destination

✈️ What a lie
Of course, love the process, be present, and enjoy the journey but the destination is just as important as the journey. The destination fills the journey with meaning and context. 
If a man or woman works, in poverty, for years to launch a business and it fails miserably, it's a tragedy. If they then launch a second one and it disrupts an industry, it's an incredible success story. 
The destination isn't necessarily the end nor does it define you, but that doesn't overshadow the significant role it plays in life. 

Every morning, you get up to reach a destination, every time you do anything, you're stepping towards some destination. If you have no destination, you have no reason to do anything. 

Next time someone says "it's not about the destination", remember...

Without a destination, what gives meaning to the here and now?

2) Re-landing space rockets

💰 Elon Musk and SpaceX have brought the cost of rockets down from around $400 million to $60 million in the last two decades. An achievement that literally had rocket engineers laughing at him when he first announced his vision for it in 2004.

🚀 Musk won't stop there though, his vision was to drop the cost of rockets to 1/10th of their original cost which he will accomplish if SpaceX develops commercial space rockets that reliably re-land themselves. They're on their way with plenty of successful flights and landings since 2015. 

It's truly an incredible feat and it all started with a simple exercise in First Principles that Elon outlined a flight home from Russia. 

This week's article is the story of how Elon used first principles to ignite his vision and how you can use it to think and learn better. 

3) "Leitmotif" by Ben Sack

🖌️ With only pen and ink, Ben Sack, creates masterpieces. This particular one is 20" in diameter and named "Leitmotif" 

View his entire portfolio here.

4) A quote to think about

👹 “Fear is what keeps you in the herd, not what confronts you once you leave.”

- David Cain
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