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Hello all,

Apologies for the late delivery this month, much of my time lately has been spent developing a journal for this site. Combine that with a vacation and it left little time to complete this months issue. 

I'm on vacation till Monday so the desk I'm writing you this email from has quite the beautiful backdrop... 

I could get use to this office. 

One thing I've found challenging throughout COVID-19 is writing from home all the time. I usually change up the scenery and visit a variety of coffee shops around Vancouver to spark inspired work sessions. Environment is critical for a great work session and a good coffee shop, creates great energy. 
Having had a change of scenery (& time off) I feel excited and re-energized to get back home and work. It's important to take mental recovery very seriously and always look for ways to rejuvenate your spirit. 

I hope your summer is fantastic and you enjoy this months issue.  
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What's New At Go Strive

2 Most Popular Instagram Posts - 3 Steps To Read 25% Faster and 7 Habits Productive People Do Before Bed tied for the highest engagement this month. 

Articles I'm Enjoying...

68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice - A wise list of advice from Kevin Kelly (writer of 1,000 True Fans) who recently turned 68. Here's some notable ones:
  • Being enthusiastic is worth 25 IQ points.
  • The purpose of a habit is to remove that action from self-negotiation. You no longer expend energy deciding whether to do it. You just do it. Good habits can range from telling the truth, to flossing.
  • When you get an invitation to do something in the future, ask yourself: would you accept this if it was scheduled for tomorrow? Not too many promises will pass that immediacy filter.
  • Acquiring things will rarely bring you deep satisfaction. But acquiring experiences will.
30 Podcast Episodes You Need To Listen To Before You Die - A fantastic list for podcast lovers. I'm still making my way through it but so far I loved:
  • #6 RadioLab Presents: Placebo
  • #10 RadioLab presents: Eye In The Sky
  • #20 RadioLab presents: From Tree To Shining Tree
  • #28 The Tim Ferriss Show Presents: Tony Robbins on Achievement vs Fulfillment
  • #29 Skeptoid Presents: 10 Great Science Hoaxes

The Useful & The Interesting

Musashi By Eiji Yoshikawa - This book is a journey. It's 1,000 pages so not for the minimal reader however those that complete it are rewarded with an incredible adventure that embodies the amazing life and learnings of Miyamoto Musashi. I loved this book and I'll never forget the lessons it has taught me. 

Since completing it, I have went back to it time and time again to reflect on "The Way" Mushashi taught and lived. It also has the greatest ending of any book you'll read.
If you do decide to read it, please email me so we can go through it together! 
Love On The Spectrum - A wonderful show on Netflix I started and finished within a week... It's an Australian reality TV show that explores love and relationships of people on the Autism spectrum. One of the few genuine shows out there. The cast is captivating and the show does a great job of revealing challenges most of us take for granted. I highly recommend!

Quote Of The Month

"You come to understand that most people are neither for you nor against you, they are thinking about themselves. You learn that no matter how hard you try to please, some people in this world are not going to love you, a lesson that is at first troubling and then really quite relaxing."
- John Gardener
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