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Welcome to The Strive Journal, a roundup of 1 - 5 cool things I found and learned this week. 

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Lets begin.

1) A bold inventor

🪂 The first person to ever go parachuting was actually the inventor of the parachute: André-Jacques Garnerin. Which makes sense, who else would want to be first? 

Garnerin was a French inventor and balloonist. He used a frameless parachute attached to a gondola in 1797. After the contraption was lifted into the sky via a hot air balloon it popped and, luckily, opened. It looked nothing like parachutes today, but the landing was successful without injury.

2) The vital art of communication

💬 Something I continually realize in life is how vital communication is. 

Your ideas or opinions will never be accepted without effective communication. Whether that be to your parents, spouse, children, friends, or the world—A message is rarely impactful without a compelling delivery. 

Developing the way you communicate is an investment that pays dividends across all categories in life. 

3) Story of Canadian real estate

🏠 My girlfriend and I have been searching for an apartment for the last few months. The market is a seller's market right now with intense competition. 

The experience has had me researching quite a bit about the timing of property purchases and the housing market in general. It's wild to think that in a short time, owning a detatched house could be an incredibly rare luxury. It nearly already is in Vancouver.  

Through my late-night research, I found this graph showing the average house price growth since 2000 by percentage. For both positive and negative, Canada has outperformed much of the world in this respect, and keep in mind, this is the entire country... meaning the hot spots like Vancouver and Toronto would be much, much higher. 

4) A question to enter the new year with...

💥 What is the highest leverage behavior change you could make in 2022? In other words, what one goal can you set that would be, by far, the most impactful? 

For example, roughly a year ago I began fasting in the mornings and only eating twice per day. On weekends, I'll often skip lunch and only eat dinner with snacks. I love this change because it's given me more control over my diet and it still leaves a lot of space to indulge because I've eliminated 1/3 of daily meals. 

The goal I've been struggling with for a while is waking up early. Getting up well before I have to so I start each day on my own terms. A primary goal of mine for 2022 is to make a habit out of waking up early. A change that would add lots of high quality, productive, time to my day. 

When changing habits, focus on the most impactful levers. 

What is that habit for you? Is it adding a habit or eliminating one?
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