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Thank You Thorbjørn

CodeFund Weekly, Issue #65
Hey all,

In issue #54, “The Crossroads,” we recapped how we realized that we had to let underperforming properties go regardless of how cool they are. To my surprise, most publishers took the news pretty well. They were upset, but they understood.

There is someone I want to thank and apologize to, someone I missed sending an email to inform him that his property was disabled. He is a frequent reader of this newsletter, and I want to take the time to acknowledge Thorbjørn and his project "Tiled." Scroll down to “Plugs” to read more info. 👇

Besides that Hunt is cranking on sales, Eric and Andrew are pushing code, Joseph is billing, and Nate is steering the ship (and making the team some awesome charts in Metabase 😎)

Stay safe,

Justin & Team CodeFund

P.S. It's not too late to join the Near Virtual Hackathon ✌️

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🔌 Plugs
Your free, easy to use and flexible level editor.
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