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Comedian Ted Alexandro has opinions, and he is very, very willing to share them. He was an active part of the Occupy Wall Street movement and supports the work of Black Lives Matter. He tore into Louis C.K., a fellow comedian, someone he had actually opened for, and someone he considered a friend, after Louis was exposed in the emergence of the #metoo movement.


He calls it as he sees it, so you might expect his podcast to be an all out preach session. But A Little Bit Me with Ted Alexandro is a relaxed, calm, conversation about the day to day life and thoughts of a comedian.


At over an hour on average, the podcasts are long, but they're strangely hypnotic. Topics like "Cooking with Ted" and "Grading my Marriage" don't scream excitement, but they're relatable and weirdly compelling.

Plus, as a staple of the New York City comedy scene, Alexandro has made a lot of funny friends over the last 20 years, people like Tig Notaro, Demetri Martin, and Jim Gaffigan. Alexandro phones up these, and other comedians at random on his podcast for some off the cuff convos.  

Have a listen and let us know what you think.

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“Ego will not be tolerated, on the Spurs or in my household.”


- Episode 4: Comedian Chef with Ryan Hamilton Judy Gold and a Robin Williams Story

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