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Two down on their luck 30-somethings find a way to capitalize on the hunt for an escaped convict as she takes cover in their small town.

As far as fictional podcasts go, there are a few things that stand out here. But, this podcast starts to shine is when it forces you to reflect on the life of modern-day Millenials as they struggle to cope with crushing student loans, questionable job opportunities, and an overall sense of impending doom thanks to the way the world tends to operate.

Good thing Millenials have their quippy puns and pop culture references, just like Unwanted.

We realize that fictional podcasts aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but we ask that you give this one a chance. It has a great cast with actual chemistry and there's nothing quite like listening to a story that flows even with the many twists and turns it brings.

Simply put, Unwanted is fun you didn't know you wanted.

...we'll see ourselves out.

Have a listen and let us know what you think,

Stephen and Evan
Your Podcast Delivery crew

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